Monday, July 14, 2014

From my desk this week- Boot Camping Just for fun.

Just For Fun Susse Ltd ©2014
Hello from my desk this week. Starting Monday morning off by doing something for fun. What a great way to start the week off.  Lilla Rogers boot camp has nearly come to an end. The final assignment was revealed. It's all about exploring creating art just for fun or a gift for a loved one and I still can't reveal my final piece of work yet but all will be revealed in the last gallery show next week.

It's nice feeling just to have a fun brief to work towards this month. I think as a creative person it's important to just make art for fun to refresh new ideas and create something that is personal to you.

Why not just try something for fun this week.

Friday, July 4, 2014

From my desk this week- Boot camping and drinking.

First drink of the day water.
Hello from my desk this week. You might be wondering what are all these photos about?
It is the last month of Boot Camp with Lilla Rogers Studio School. This week you get to have a little peak into my daily world and the things I like to drink during the day. This months assignment kicks off exploring the drinks and your personal style through out the week. I can't show you the art work I have made about each drink this week but all will be revealed next week.

First thing I drink a cup of water and take my vitamins. I use Rocket's tooth brush cup. I love the design so much it really starts the day off on a happy note. I usually get up very early as we have a keen six year old bouncing around the house at 5.30am in the morning. Make the family breakfast Rocket's pack lunch. But first the coffee goes on and I wake up  sip and stare out the window and at the beginning of the London commuters make their way to work. By 8.30 our street is crazy any mode of transport is going on as people rush to work and school. Skate boards, bikes, kids in bike carriages, scooters both adults and kids, roller skates, runners with backpacks, black taxis and sleepy people crammed on the bus. I often want to make a drawing of this.

So first coffee of the day and a people watch very important start to my day.

Here are some more images of my day with drinks.
More Coffee in  the morning before starting work.
Afternoon tea a peak inside our drinks cupboard.
Green tea afternoon pick up.
Elder flower cordial fresh summer drink.
Goodnight Chai for  sweet dreams.

Of course it is Friday and in true London tradition it will be the start of the weekend and it will be wine O'clock ( a good NZ wine of course)  so cheers!!!

Have  a great weekend. XX

First coffee wake up time.Usually drunk in the kitchen making Rocket's school lunch and breakfast for  the family.
Stare out the window watching everyone whizzing by on their bikes,sleepy people on buses and the odd skateboarder..
More coffee after the school drop off start working until the school pick up.
A peek into our drinks cupboard. Tettley"s tea, Coffee,chai hot chocolate green tea mm which one today?

Almonds and fresh green tea for an afternoon pick me up.

Very Scandi drinking Elder flower cordial on a hot summer's day. My Danish 
grandmother use to make this and elderflower wine.

Soothing good night Chai  for sweet dreams at bed.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Add fun to your year

Add fun to your July  Susse Ltd © 2014

Hello and happy Friday to you. Wow nearly July this month went so quickly for me how about you?
Here is a another free calendar page for you to enjoy inspired by all those nautical drawings I have been creating all month long. Have a great weekend where every your are. XX

Thursday, June 26, 2014

From my desk this week- Boot camp show.

Boot camp Show on my website 

Hello from my desk this week. It's nearly the end of my six months journey at Lilla Rogers School Boot Camp. I decided to pause and have a look at all the work I have done over the past months and put together my work so far as a boot camp show. You can see it over at my illustration page on my website. I will be posting more illustration soon on my site. I am still working on my new site which I hope to get together over the Summer months ready for Autumn.

Cuckoo Land at Boot Camp

Here are a few examples my first assignment for mobile phone surface pattern. My current work for some wall art based on a nautical theme which you can see at this months gallery over at Lilla Rogers. I am wondering what the next brief will be?
Hello Sailor st Boot Camp

Registration just opened for this years Global Talent Search over at Lilla Rogers.You can find out more here

Are you ready to rock your talent this year?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June boot camp gallery now open

Gallery now Open.

The June Gallery over at Lilla Rogers Studio School is now open see if you can spot my cute Sailor .
Check out all the great art on display exploring the theme of of all things Nautical
Here .

Friday, June 20, 2014

From my desk this week Mastering the quilt market.

Mastering the quilt market with Pattern Observer.

Mastering the quilt market with Pattern Observer

Hello from my desk this week. As promised I was going to tell you  my experience mastering the quit market with the Pattern Observer Mastering your market course.
I finished the course this week. It was an intense six week course and I have gain so much from taking part still processing all the new tips and tricks and huge volume of work I have gained from participating.

Here a few of my patterns I designed based on the winter trend of all things Folkloric and this was one project I really enjoyed doing the most. I think this is really a new avenue I want to explore developing patterns for the quilt market.

My biggest take away was getting my repeats right. Making the whole collection really work well as a whole and scale. So the home sower can put all these designs together in one whole quilt. Also keeping on trend  and putting a little of your own style into the designs. Making your collection appeal to a broad age range too.

I am thinking of having a Spoonflower shop. Would you by my prints?

Have a great weekend. xx

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unfree can set you free

Unfree can set you free Susse Ltd © 2014

Here is a piece of work I was inspired to make this week. This is a piece a reminder to really appreciate what you have in your life. Don't take things for granted especially your health.
I was inspired by another fellow boot camper who  has some serious health issues and had a conversation about how even though you might be experiencing a heath issues huge life changes  that might totally limit your freedom you can feel a lot of positive emotions.

For me I couldn't walk or leave the house for 2 months and do every day things like cooking or play with my son. So this week is such a mile stone for me as I can now go outside and walk and do so many things I just couldn't do for so long. I still have a way to go. It's an amazing feeling.

Being literally forced  to stay in one place and rest was actually a good time for me. Just reading, creating art and meditating and re thinking so much of my life. It turned into a positive experience for me.I really appreciate  my husband and all my lovely friends who helped us out so much. 

For anyone who experiencing that unfree feeling and maybe force to rethink things. I hope this little illustration will give you hope and realise although you may be feeling unfree you can still feel free.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Card Susse Ltd © 2014

Here is a father's day card for you.  Inspired by recent Boot Camp project. Free to print and say thanks Dad. Have some good celebrations and a great weekend.