Friday, August 15, 2014

From my desk this week- Competitions courses time for a summer break.

Hello from my desk this week. Although this has been the summertime and slow time for most of us. August turned out to be so busy for me. I manage to get a few things done over the last few weeks despite it being the school holidays. I manage to cram a few competitions in and courses.

Freelance bootcamp Pattern Observer
Global Talent Search Lilla Rogers
Summer School Make it in design  Brief 1and Brief 2.

Finally the Hallmark creative blog competition Five words here are my designs that I created below. The gallery is live today check it out here.

 It has felt a bit rushed I am not so sure about everything I created in such a short time span but I wanted to try and work on these goals so it feels good to have finished them all.  Now I am so looking forward to  a family holiday and summer break. I have my little sketch book ready ( intentions to fill it up but not sure I will ha ha)
Guess where I am going?

Have a lovely weekend see you later on with summer holiday tales. XX

Friday, August 8, 2014

From my desk this week- Summer School

The first galleries are now open over at Make in design summer school. Checkout all the lovely designs over at the galleries. Here

See below my designs I created on a theme of water rays. I decided to transport myself to a lazy day by the pool. Enjoying the shade of palm trees and tropical plants and diving into the cool water of a swimming pool. So some nice summer holiday vibes going on here. Have a great weekend. XX

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Duvet covers and artist promo at Society 6

New product at Society6 Duvet Covers.

Need a new duvet cover to freshen up your bedroom then Society6 have lots of great designs.
Here are a few of my own designs and they have a great artist promo on this week too

Friday, August 1, 2014

From my desk this week- Summer School- Making it in design.

Make it in design Sketches for design brief.
Hello from my desk this week. As you can see I am keeping my self busy over the summer. I just completed one more course over at Pattern Observer Freelance Boot Camp which was challenge trying to do this over the school holidays but really happy I completed the course. I will share my thoughts next week on this.

Back to summer school which just started this week through Make it in design. I have always wanted to try the course and this is a fantastic opportunity to try out  the course for free. I see so many friendly faces on the face book page from boot camp so I feel I am in good company. The brief has less time for development and there will be a gallery so you can see lovely designs  created my everyone soon on the first brief.

Here are a few sketches I am working on just now. Inspired  by warm summer days and cool water of swimming pools. It just makes you feel in a summer holiday mood.

Find out more about  Make it in design here a great resource for surface pattern design.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Add fun to your year

Add fun to your year here is August free calendar page for you. Dedicated  to the Leos in my life including my husband. Enjoy...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Paper nails just for fun Boot camping.

Paper nails for fun.

Just a quick post and a bit of fun we had during boot camp this month creating our own nail art.

Here are my paper nails I made.  I wanted to say thank you to all my fellow boot campers for making 
the whole experience so much fun.

Paper nails for fun

Paper nails for fun thank you boot campers.

From my desk this week- Last Boot Camp

Final Artwork for July Boot Camp.
 Hello from my desk this week. It feels like ages since I visited my blog. It's been a crazy few weeks The rush to get projects done before the school holidays. Numerous visits to the Physiotherapy department at the hospital which has all been worth it as I can now walk unaided  again building up the strength in my leg. The school holidays have started so now the pace has slowed down lazy park days and night shift work. So things might be a little quiet on my blog but I will be popping in from time to time.

Here is  my final  artwork revealed as part of the last assignment of boot camp.  We all had to make personal piece for someone special in my life.

I decided to dedicate this piece to some of my friends despite having a bit of a rough time in their own lives just now. Are still there for you through your own rough times.
Coffee was my favourite beverage. Coffee just makes life alright we have a good times with our friends chatting and drinking any time of  the day.

I just wanted the piece to feel like that first great coffee in the day that makes the  beginning of the day feel great. Morning sunshine is a message to say it's all going to be okay today.

Final idea fabric and stitched.

Final artwork submitted to the gallery.

So checkout the last boot camp gallery. Feeling a little sad it's over but very glad I took part and met some great artists from around the world and learnt some much from Lilla Rogers classes.

Have a great weekend.  XX
The gallery is now open.

Monday, July 14, 2014

From my desk this week- Boot Camping Just for fun.

Just For Fun Susse Ltd ©2014
Hello from my desk this week. Starting Monday morning off by doing something for fun. What a great way to start the week off.  Lilla Rogers boot camp has nearly come to an end. The final assignment was revealed. It's all about exploring creating art just for fun or a gift for a loved one and I still can't reveal my final piece of work yet but all will be revealed in the last gallery show next week.

It's nice feeling just to have a fun brief to work towards this month. I think as a creative person it's important to just make art for fun to refresh new ideas and create something that is personal to you.

Why not just try something for fun this week.