Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Recycle Chic

I have been to a lovely part for Australia 3 hours drive north of Sydney ,Pacific Palms. I was fortunate to stay in my friends Cottage and help them prepare for their wedding. Which will takes place next weekend. It is going to be beautiful ceremony on the beach. The cottage was built in the 1920's I found it so inspiring with all the colours of worn out paint and old objects have a look below I am especially found the Ice cream tub lamp shade something very special. In keeping with the recycling design trend at the moment.
Maybe you can have fun thinking of some recycle chic designs for your home. Bring back Playschool Here are some pictures below to show you this amazing place.
Funky Formica Surfing
tea please boudoir colours
Granny chic colours Fishes Beach Treasure card board fishes
Ice cream tub lamp shade