Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Hogmanay

My thoughts will be of Scotland on News Year Eve and my home town Edinburgh. The home of News year eve and Hogmanay. I will be getting ready to dance under the Sydney bridge and enjoy the fireworks this year. This is my last post for 2006. I wish everyone around the world good health,peace, happiness and success in 2007. Happy Hogmanay.....

Mari's NY

Just when you thought you can't eat another thing and you thoughts are turning to new year resolutions of health and fittness you may want to try some yummy cooking before 2006 ends. My friend Mari has started her new on-line store. Visit Creative food that is yummy. If you have started the health campaigne remember Valintines day is not that far away. Enjoy

Best in 2006 Gloss Addict Award

Thank you Gloss addict for awarding Susse Collection the best of in 2006 in Accessories. It is nice to finish the year on a high. Visit the interesting blog at

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Susse Handbags make the What's Haute list

We made the list
Check out this great site dedicated to Handbags
Also another great site is
Who also featured Susse Collection the summer.

Susse Sounds

Tune in and have fun
Hooray !!! My favourite record label get Physical has on-line radio.
Tune in and groove while you work.
I love Bookashade especailly!! The best music around.
I will be asking Santa for some of this music.
Keep partying and happy holidays.
Tune in at

Also tune in to the music down under

Bondi FM

Susse Spiritual

Highly recommend the Goddess Divine Energy Exhibtion.
send a goddess message
I was fortunate to be at the gallery when it is open late every Wednesday. I listened to a talk given by the Celebrity Chef Kylie Wong who focused her beliefs of Buddhism and channeled them into her cooking using good organic ingredients and also artist Lindy Lee.
They discussed Kuan-yin Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. My favourite goddess was Tara
I also loved the room with blue sky and clouds with goddess appearing through the clouds. Visit the exhibition yourself if you are in Sydney. Really well put together with some gems lent by the V&A in London and the shop sold a great selection of books and gifts. It inspired me to go back and visit India again as I love the art and bright colours you find in everyday objects and buildings in India.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Susse Collection Hoilday Bird

Hello have fun and make a holiday bird to decorate a tree or add to a gift.
Recycle old wrapping papers and add seqins and feathers to add some holiday sparkel.
Subcribe to our news letter and get full instructions on how to make your Susse holiday bird.
Subcribe to Susse Fun at the Susse on-line store

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Susse Collection Sneaky Peak

We have been busy on location.
Shooting our new look book.
Here's a sneaky peak at our new Summer Collection Summer Love
You will have to wait next year for these creations arrive at our store

Party and Podcast Happy Holidays

Party and Pod cast Happy holidays
Party season is upon us now. Here are some of my favourite Pod casts for music and few fashion ones to help you get that party out fit ready and see what is going on in Aussie fashion. You will need i-tunes for some of this. maybe ask Santa to bring you an I pod Nano for Christmas. Download ,Party and remember to have Fun
Aussie Fashion
Only 23 days left until Christmas need a gift
Why not try a Susse mini bag.