Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Have fun saying thank you

It is this time of year to remember those people you received Christmas cards but forgot to send one Oops!! It always happens. A thank you card is always a nice way to say hello. Here is one to click and print and send to a friend. all right reserved Susse ltd & Susse Pty.Ltd

Or try shopping at my favourite kikki-K stationary. If you are like me you can keep that old favourite resolution I say every year must get organised. ( I will try this year)

Another favourite is Paper Couture 284 South Dowling St Paddington Ph: (02) 9357 6855

Super cute store sorry no pictures or website but it is worth the adventure and go and hunt out this store in trendy shopping street in Paddington. The equivalent of a confectionery store only paper and ink. You can buy supplies and make your own or buy ready mades. The choice is yours.

Remember (new year resolution) Have Fun....