Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fun Jewellery

I love this range fun range of jewellery not just for the body but also for the home.
check out thier website
A new twist on flying ducks
Love cats make me smile

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missy Confidential

Clocks have gone back and the seasons have changed.
Time for a winter treat and a new Susse Bag.
Buy a Susse bargin for summer for all the northern hemisphere girls.
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One of Australia's best fashion sites for style tips and hot designer buys.
Learn more about Australain Fashion Designers.
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Have fun shopping

Friday, March 23, 2007

Easter Bunny Fun

1st of March remember to say Rabbits
MAD MARCH is nearly over
Here are some bunnies from around the world
FRANCE found these cuties on the great
Blog Print and Pattern
so inspiring!!
USA Cute Bag !!

Easter Bunnies are on their way

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Win a Susse Bag

Good news if you plan to go to Aromatica Open Day you have the chance to win a Bunny Girl workbag Just in time for Easter. Purchase a raffle ticket for $1 and you may be a the lucky owner of this bag for your new winter wardrobe. All money raised will go to the Aromatica Open day fund raiser for the National breast Cancer foundation. Have fun and good luck you may be the lucky girl showing of this bag around the office next Monday.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Have fun and do some good

If you live Sydney mark this date in your diary.
Saturday 24th of March
Aromatica Open Day
Experience different alternative natural healing therapies and treats like Aromatherapy Massage.
10 minutes session for $5 and your money will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation
so pop along to
Aromatica , 362 Catherine Street Lilyfield Nsw 2040.
Have Fun and do some good.


I was very lucky to see the first screening of Sunshine last night.
I was so excited to see this movie as I was very fortunate when my husband was working on the movie to be allowed on set when the filming took place in the East End of London .
New discovery in Australia
They organise guest speakers along with the screening of the movies.
We where also very Lucky to hear Danny Boyle talk about his movie Sunshine at the Popcorn
This is a food for thought movie with striking images and cinema photography that will be quite literally be burned into your memory. Quite graphic so be prepared.
Very new ,very modern and a 21st Century Sci-fi movie where the power of Mother Nature and mankind meet as one.
I think there will be a trend for gold after this movie.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

International Women's Day

all copyright reserved Susse Pty Ltd and Susse Ltd
Happy International Women's Day
Today is special so let's celebrate girls
Have fun women's day..

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Veronika Maine

Hooray!! the new winter collection has arrived. One of great things living in Australia

For example discovering this line of clothing I absolutely love the look . I have my eye on the opera coat.

Utowa make over

My friend called me for an inpromtu make over at Mecca cosmetica. Japanese theme still running in my life just now so we enjoyed a make over with new products from Utowa very enjoyable and a lovely treat. I love there skin care products really gentle on the skin and smell good.

More Susse Tokyo Tales

Places I like to eat in behind omotesandohills and people watch
I found Lotus again I love this place an intimate cafe with a store at the front desk
Cool music and nice food and great deserts.
Lotus Interesting architecture,lighting and relaxing birds song. omotesandohills coffee break Making the headlines in Tokyo

Tokyo Treasures 2

Tokyo Treasures 2
Paper treasures
I love magazines so it is nice to get some of my favorite magazines in Tokyo.
Time spent in one book store 2 hours.
Purchases(let say my purse was a lot lighter when I left)
What's going on in bag world of Spur Special on Scandinavian interiors Child hood memories revisited Inside the world of Madame Figaro Childhood textiles I discovered some old designs that are family heirlooms. Come out every Christmas.
in this great book on Scandinavian textiles
Mina Perhonen
beautiful textiles and clothes
Inside the world of Mina
Other beautiful books
Cute and charming illustration
Postcard- finds

Friday, March 2, 2007

Susse Tokyo Treasures

Tokyo Treasures
My favorite place to visit in Tokyo is Tokyo Hands.
houses everyday objects you can find the most amazing things.
My kitchen is now decorated with fun functional house hold objects.
Here are my favorite finds.
Soya Sauce Penguin
Happy lunch box

Not sure but you put rice in it but super cute

Carrot scissors