Friday, June 22, 2007

Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living

My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living by Johnathan Adler
My Amazon package arrived this week. As you know I am a book- a- holic and I love
the anticipation of waiting for my Amazon buys to arrive. It's like Christmas every time.
I love this book and enjoyed reading Johnathan's quotes tips and funny stories.
I love his inspiring story of MOI.
The zingy colours will beat those winter blues.
Maybe inspire you to go to your local thrift store and by some groovy 60's
I love the play list on each page what to wear and listen to and create your own fantasy
home environment.
Once you read and be stimulated by this book you won't feel blue any more.
I have fallen in love with Liberace Johnathan's and his partners dog Check out his lovely interior products. I off make a start and get some happy things for a fun home environment. Check out Johnathan's blog. Have a fun weekend.