Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tax Can be Fun "sort of"

Tax can be Fun well sort of. Actually I don't think anyone enjoys getting ready to do their final returns.. I have found some fun in preparing for the dreaded tax return. I decided to visited my favorite stationery supplier Kiki- K and turning a negative into a positive with the super stormy weather this weekend I decided to declare this weekend a snail house weekend. Snuggle up on the sofa with lots of DVDs chocolate and ice cream but first a huge tidy up and organisation and clean up as I am a disorganised creative head with piles of papers everywhere. But not anymore. My halo is now shining with my receipts in order my bills and bank statements all in one place thanks to Kiki-k. I am now ready to go for Mr Tax man . Now off to make some pop corn and watch some DVDs and veg out. I can also recommend a great book on this book before you buy another storage product. "Organizing from the inside out" by Julie Morgenstern published by Hachette. I think sell this book. Items I bought from Receipt envelopes Cool post its
My Receipt folder and Cute My bill folder

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