Thursday, August 9, 2007

Green Clean

Make your spring clean green...

I recommend this book for top tips on keeping your house a clean green zone.

Chemical Free Home by Robin Stewart. Published by Black Inc..

I was reading Good Health Magazine and read this great article by Patrizia Reimer.

Here is Great Shopping list that she recommended.

1 Bicarbonate of soda for stain removal,deodorising and stain removal

2.Borax for beaching and stain removal

3.Cloves for repelling moths

4.Eucalyptus oil for disinfecting,removing grease and chewing gum.

5.Fly swats

6.The juice of lemons bleaching cleaning and deodorising

7.Olive oil for polishing and protecting wood

8. Pure soap

9.Soap shaker

10.Salt for disinfecting

11.Steel wool

12.Plain vinegar useful for mould beaching and Household cleaning.

13.Washing soda to clean drains and polishing silver.

Happy green cleaning..

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