Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shop Til You Drop Seoul

My biggest impression about Seoul was that Koreans love to shop. It’s a national sport and all methods of shopping happen 24 hrs a day. From the night markets with endless stalls and shops selling racks of dresses, shoes, bags and T shirts Good or bad news is that they fit my size 12 western frame so good news for me not so good news for the credit card. On the metro there are shopping stops next to the ticket machines for bargain clothes. People shopping in their cars watching TV shopping, on their phones and shopping on-line. You can dive into your local Post office shop on-line and pick up the goods at the same outlet. All your designer brands are their also from the gorgeous department stores with glittering gold and marble interiors like Lotte Department store. It was so nice to see the winter trends from Europe. I think if the dogs could use the internet they would too as they where well catered for in the clothing and lifestyle front. My favourite shops where the small independent boutiques with local designers. So cute and each with their own individual personality. Most stores are like a work of art in themselves not just selling clothes but cute home wares stationary and objects source from around the world. Here are some pictures of some of the cute stores in Seoul.

Night market Korean Fashion Dog matching ears and t-shirt. Cute Boutiques of Seoul

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