Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat maybe over but I love these apple bangles which would have been a perfect touch for any Halloween outfit buy them from Fred Flare
There great for summer and fit in with the bangle trend this summer.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Trees

I have discovered the beautiful work of Catherine Swan. (Spotted in this months Vogue)One exhibition I have penciled in to see before it closes is Catherin's new work Happy Trees. If you don't feel summery yet just take a look at these cute creations. Cutouts made out of vintage books and magazines.
Hurry you can see Catherine's work at The Orson and Blake Gallery in Surry hills.
One of my favorite lifestyle stores in Sydney very nice cafe to chill out and great home grown fashions, gifts and home wares. Check out their website.
If you don't live in Sydney then visit Catherine's website and learn more about her delicate creations.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Susse Trend Spotting

Celeb style in the northern hemisphere.
Spotted around the streets of Sydney and even at my Local Coles. It appears that the
Maxi dress has arrived for the Sydney summer. Feminine and a strong seventies vibe you can float about in funky flora patterns and imagine you are a folk singer or a movie extra from
the movie Ice storm. The fab news is you don't have to worry about your legs being beautifully tanned and you can ditch those winter leggings.
The urban girls on-line store Bird motel have some great ones on sale checkout label children of the sun.
or for chain store chic try Supre they have so many funky prints to choose from.
Join our vote this week what do you prefer to wear?
Mini or maxi?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fun For Your Toes

My favorite Cosmetic store in Sydney have come up with a great treat for the Summer. Match your toes with your Havaianas available at their stores around Australia.
Even better news they have launch their on-line store with their own blog so read more about their new events and products.
Why not visit the Havaianas website and get in the mood for summer and have fun showing off your summer toes.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pink Ribbon Day

Today is pink ribbon day many of you out there like myself have been touch by close relatives and friends who have had the desease or lost their loved ones to breast cancer.
Lets be positive today and take action.
Start by clicking away and sending to your friends today.
Why not have fun and have a girls night in and donate the money you would spend on a night out to your local breast cancer charity.

My top tips:

Pink party fun.

pink cocktails

pink cakes pink salmon sandwiches and other pink food.

pink champagne



Play Madonna

have all the episodes of Sex and the city playing on your TV.

Wear pink

Give each other pink manicures.

Have fun and have a girlie evening.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

International Shopping

Maybe we can't make the front rows of the fashion capitals around the world.
why not treat yourself to some International Shopping.
Where: Westfield Shopping Centre, Bondi Junction
Level 1 - Italy; Level 2 - New York; Level 3 - Sydney; Level 4 - Paris; Level 5 - London
When: 5pm - 10pm, Thursday, 11 October 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Next Week Australian Fashion Week

Let's celebrate Australian Fashion.

Traditional Korea

Head to the Palace in Seoul and you can experience Traditional Korea.
Watch the changing of the guard and visit the folk museum are my top tips when you visit.

Street Graphics around Seoul

Cute inspiration everywhere on the streets of Seoul.

More Seoul Shopping

Traditional Korean Food Stalls at Ssamzie Market
Traditional knots found in Korea
I haven't quite finished the shopping available in Seoul. Customising is big in Seoul everyone likes something a little different and the best place to see this is SSAMZIE Market. This is a gem with great little boutiques with independent designers .
There are market stalls with customised T-shirts jewellery and bags. You can have a go painting bags and pottery. There are great clothes for boys and girls. It had a feeling of London markets Portobello and Spitals Field I felt very at home and inspired.
It is the best place to sample Korean food on the top floor you can find a traditional Korean restaurant and get a hot plate of Korean food.
Another great store is CKD Living housing some of the best Designers from Spain.
Recently opened it is fast growning with a great on-line store. The store is fantastic inside with great objects to accessories your life for home ware and fashion.
Bag by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada
Fall in love with the designs of Agatha Ruiz Prada and Jordi Labanda.
I wanted his rugs but it was a bit hard working out how to get them onto the plane.
Rug by Jordi Labanda
More stores opening soon around Korea.