Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Australian Shopaholics guide to buying online

Christmas is just around the corner. I love using the net to get all that Christmas shopping. What a delight to find The Australian Shopaholics Guide to buying on-line in my local book store. Annie Fox former style editor of Shop Til You Drop has teamed up with Patricia Davidson the lady who brought us the original title The Shopaholics guide to buying on-line. Annie was frustrated finding websites that didn't ship to Australia so she thought a guide for Aussie shoppers would be well received after all we are the top 3rd country in the world who love to shop on-line. Find sites that ship to Australia. Even better Annie and Patricia have given a mention to our own Susse Collection on-line store www.susse.com.au I am feeling very honored to have a mention as a recommend site in the Handbag Addicts section.
Other titles available at www.amazon.co.uk

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