Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Thank you for reading my blog and supporting Susse Collection. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and Happy holidays I hope Santa will be good to you this year. Today is my birthday so I am off to have a very special time and celebrating a big birthday. Love to you all. Susse XX

Advent calendar Day 23 24 25

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advent calendar Day 11 12 13 14

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advent calendar Day 7 8 9 10

Here is sneak view of Day 7 ,8, 9 ,10
Day 7,8,9,10 : of Susse online advent calendar visit Susse Collection face book page to see more.
I am away for a few days so more days coming soon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sale time and be a Christmas princess

It's sale time at Princess Fashion house boasting over 330 items on Sale right now! There is a massive selection of fashion to choose from making easy to find a pressie. You can save a little extra for yourself and dress like a Princess this Christmas.
Check out the site www.princessfashionhouse.com
P.S. You can also find Susse Collection on this site

Advent calendar Day 6

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snail Mail Reminder

A little Santa helper reminder the last days for mailing out by Express post in Australia.
Australia 19th of December
Rest of the World 12th December.

Sweet treats in the Mail

A little package arrived the other day from “glaceau vitaminwater” revive and I have to say good timing as the silly season approaches. As a busy Mum it's not all that hard partying till 3 am that means I need a natural lift in energy levels. The only partying is attending to Felix in the early hours. Things are starting to get hectic with Christmas approaching as the Susse Elves work hard wrapping those gifts from the Susse store to dispatch to far off lands.
To many lattes and I get a bit narky and unpleasant to be around. My verdict is that Galceau Vitamin Water is the way to go for a natural lift with all those vitamins your body needs. Thank you Galceau you just gave me the best early Christmas present to help a busy mum revive and keep going thorough out the silly season.
Click here to find out a bit more http://www.glaceauvitaminwater.com.au it might inspire you with a new years resolution or two i.e must be more healthier and kinder to your body.

Advent Calendar Day 5

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Paper to fabric

Image from FIG website
Image from fashionolgie
I spotted this lovely dress in Aussie Marie Claire today. The fabric was designed by UK Fashion Illustrator Tanya Ling. She teamed up with Louis Vuitton produced some gorgeous illustration and this fabric for the Louis Vuitton Cruise wear collection. I like the simplicity of the water colour stripes. It actually sparked a web search for Tanya's work. I discovered the FIG website with a collection of lovely fashion illustration quite inspiring
If your not familiar with Tanya's work here are some links to check out.

Advent Calendar Day 4

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kat's Place

Images Realiving Magazine
Images Realiving Magazine
Images Realiving Magazine
Images Realiving Magazine
I love Real living magazine I don't know why ? Maybe it is the attractive use of colour that they use in the layout and their front covers. I now have an obsession with yellow and blue due their latest front cover image. There is a lovely article about Kat McLeod and her colleagues Chloe Quigley and Simone Elder their lovely company Ortolan. I have talked about Kat's work before and the book that Ortolan produced Like I give a frock. I love her illustration.
It was nice to have a peak of her home and work place. I love the dress she is wearing by designer Tsumori Chisato. Anyway I found the article inspiring about a lovely creative company with clients like Bloom Cosmetics. Links to checkout:

Advent Calendar Day 3

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Calendar Day 2

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Home Making Fun

Our house was a hive of activity this weekend. Boxes are unpacked and we are settling into our new place. I found this great piece of fabric for this cushion for our bed. It was just a little remnant peaking out from the basket in the fabric section in Ikea but I loved the birds and it was the perfect size. I also bought this orange fabric also designed by the same design company Edholmullenius set up by two graphic artists Sissi Edholm & Lisa Ullenius. I checked out their website and there is some lovely work to found at http://www.edholmullenius.se/ Further reading over at The Style File

We found this cool night light in the kids section at Ikea and Felix loves it we are inspired to make a whole space theme for his room with spaceships and stars. Jarrod and I love this light as it spins around and casts stars and moons on the walls .

Advent Calendar Day 1

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Make it

Image ivillage.co.uk

Here is a book I have on my Christmas wish list. There are some lovely ideas for Christmas presents. I love Cath Kidston and I do miss her London stores. Her style just has the right balance of British 1950's Vintage Kitch and a dash of cool. Her designs have been placed on everything form Mobiles ,radios and even camping equipment I love her tents. They where quite popular at dance festivals back in the UK. Also she uses a lot of Polka dots which I absolutely love maybe guess that as I use them in my own designs. Her new book MAKE! looks great I found a review over at UK version of I Village.

Check out some of the cute projects.

I think Cath Kidston is quite hard to source here in Aussie but the store ships to Aussie check out her website. www.cathkidston.co.uk

Table Cloth Project Image ivillage.co.uk

Image ivillage.co.uk

Pillow case project

Image ivillage.co.uk

Cute Foxy Stanley Hot Water bottle project.

You can purchase her book on Amazon

Try a custom bag for the Men Folk

Image Crumpler Postcard
Are you stuck for an idea for a Christmas present for the Men folk in your life?
It can be tough to get a good idea and they probably don't want that three pack socks from Target again this year. It's not a surprise this year but I am having a custom made lap top bag made for Jarrod this year. He has been searching for years for the perfect laptop bag. I am afraid I am a bit to girlie in styling for his taste. We went to the Crumpler shop in Newtown what lovely people. you can choose your laptop bag and create your own design which is applied to the front of the bag and they whip them up in house for you. You can see their bags here www.crumpler.com.au. The store is worth a visit and it's great to flip through their album of happy customers with their bags. There not just for guys though they make bags for girls too and the bags come with a life time guarantee now that's what a call good service. I am looking forward to see Jarrod's bag completed. Mr organised for 2009.
The custom store is based at 305 Kings Street Newtown Sydney 2042.

Susse advent calendar

Christmas is not that far away. Just starting the Christmas shopping a bit of a rush as I don't have that long to ship everything overseas. Santa was very late last time he arrived in January so this year I am being prepared. If you visit Susse Collection Face book page I have some free e-cards to down load to send to friends and each day you can see a new image from the Susse on line Advent calendar just a bit of fun to get into the mood for the holidays. I will be posting the images on my blog too so you can see them here as well.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Holidays for Kids LMNOP

Image from LMNOP website
LMNOP is a great PDF magazine I subscribe too. They now have a blog which complements the magazine. There current fifth issue has some great gift ideas for Kids. I am getting ready for Felix's first Christmas so it will be a special one this year. It's free to subscribe just visit their website. www.lmnop.com.au perfect for big and small kids.

Happy Holidays

We would like to give you a helping hand with your holiday shopping this year.

Sign up to our newsletter here on the right hand side of this blog or at www.susse.com.au and we will send you our code for our Exclusive on-line Santa Sale which will last until 24th of December 2008. There will be 60% off selected products and new products coming to our store. All orders come gift wrapped and we will throw in a free pack of 5 Susse Happy Holiday cards to add a little extra help.

Sale starts 30th of November 2008 Australian time.