Friday, May 30, 2008

Susse Sewing Box 2

Here are some great sewing blogs to inspire your inner Craftiness and get shopping at the weekend for felt glue and threads. There are some great links for suppliers.
Check out
Happy sewing.

Susse Sewing Box

A few weeks before Felix was born I started a bit of a sowing frenzy. I think it was a combination of not being able to go very far with my huge bump and partly finding a distraction from the impending birth. I also was very inspired by all the sewing blogs I came across and my passion for hand sewing was reignited. so I have decide to dedicated some blog time to sewing. Here are a few things I made a few weeks before Felix arrived. It all started with looking for a needle book as i am always finding pins and needles all over the place. I found a great one Cath Kidson site house sewing box is on my wish list. Here is my version of a needle book.
This an ongoing project going on a 70's stylie..Tip. I made all these cotton flowers a week before Felix was born. I have great plans to make a bed quilt err but I think it may become a cushion.
I anyway I will still persevere. At least I am using up all those odd bits of fabric I have at the moment.
Finally I made Ewen the Scottish cat for Felix it is his first toy. Keeps him amused in his cot.
I had fun . My inspiration came from an old Japanese magazine Figaro and there was a cute cat in an interior shot. Here is me in sewing frenzy.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family Air Looms

Cuteness runs in the Family.
My Dad sent me these gorgeous pictures of some plates that where
painted by his Danish Aunty Eva and a gift when he was born.
There so charming I had to share them with you.
I need to find out a bit more about Aunty Eva very talented lady.
Really inspired me to paint some ceramics for Felix (not sure when I will have time but I have some ideas)
Enjoy these gorgeous hand painted plates:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meet Felix

Meet Felix he arrived on time into the world Happy and Healthy .
Really lives up to his name and gave us his first smiley face yesterday.
Thank you to everyone who sent us lovely messages and all the cute cards and gifts.
Felix is already spoilt.
Also a big thank you to all our friends around the world who sent a Photo of where they where
on Felix's first day from New Zealand to New York City.
Flickr account in progress after we regain some sleep.
Keep you posted.
François & Véronique thank you I think you where the first US greeting.

Sorry can't resist here is another cute picture of Felix 1 day old. ( Hey I am proud Mum now)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Arrival on it's way

It's any day now until the arrival of my new baby. I am away on maternity leave and off to enjoy motherhood. Service at Susse Collection maybe slower than usual for next couple of weeks.

I am looking forward to blogging about fun for babies and Mums soon.

Here is a fun website I read about in Vanity Fair this week.

Now you can become a stylist to the stars. I wonder if they do mini me stars.

Keep you posted on baby's arrival.