Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Fun Week

This week I decided to give some blog time to Babies as they have all the fun things .
Here is Felix looking happy in his Moppit hat sent by a friend in Melbourne.
Check out the Aussie clothing site Moppit site great things to buy...
Felix's stripy hat you can buy here

Friday, June 20, 2008

Hooray for Darcy and Alicia

Image from design milk.
Image from Apartment therapy Hooray !! for my friends Darcy and Alicia just back from a great trip and show at Dwell Show.
I am lucky to own one of Darcy's lights which I use as a night light for Felix in his room. Felix loves the patterns it makes on the ceiling.
Darcy hand crafts his cane lights by hand in his Brisbane Studio and I love the new Ceramic lights.
I am sure he is going to be very busy now with all the great attention he attracted at the show.
check out these blogs already taking not of his great work.
Also check out Darcy's website to find out how you get your hands on these gorgeous lights or commission Darcy to transform your interior.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fun Kits at WU and WU

Here is some more Oriental inspiration from the Talented illustrator Fiona Hewitt who has set up shop on-line with her partner Andy. I have always been a supporter of Fiona's work and bought many of her cards and notebooks through the years as gifts for friends and family. I just love her work and now she has these great gifts to buy on-line. Below my favorite is the sewing kit but I also love these other ones below. I love the Wu & Wu website it definitely adds fun to your day check it out ( I love the music too )

In the mood for love again

Susse Trend spotting while checking out all the mags there is certainly a fashion styling trend for the beautiful movie In the mood for love... film by director Kar Wai Wong It is one of my favorite movies the styling and the dresses I love them. There is certainly a shift towards an early 60's vibe and curvy feminine shapes.
A still from in the mood for love. Marie Claire Shoot The Marie Claire Australia shoot check out the story in their latest issue Also check out Vogue Italia's preview for winter also they are also in the Mood for love..again. 50's/60's styling here

I Love Fifi

I discovered FiFi thanks to this months issue of Vogue Australia as I have had some time in between caring for Felix and manage to catch up on my magazine reading. what CUTE!! blog and I love this fashion forward bunny and you can buy your own Fifi on the Etsy shop. You may have guest I love Bunnies as I feature them on my bags now and again. Check out this cool fashion bunny girl...

Back to work?

I am back to work this week. Slowly... a few hours a day with Felix by my side and caring helpful husband as we share keeping Felix feed and amused as we work.( not that this is an easy thing to do as any new parent would agree) There where a few tears not from Felix as my laptop was broken last week. My enter key was broken but with further investigation and my husband removing the key we discovered the culprit a piece of rice under the key. Lesson don't eat near your computer.. I knew I should have followed one of my new year resolution stop eating by the computer. I suppose I can start now. I have some blog post to catch up so here we go...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Old School Sewing

More sewing inspiration..Here is a peak at a few gems old books that have been passed on by my Danish grandma and Scottish grand ma and my great aunt. real gems as they really talk through old school sewing lots of techniqes which I think are disappearing as we depend more and more on technology. Here is some Old school sewing to get you inspired.

This book dates around the 1940's and has some really amazing embroidery techniques.

I find the cover inspiring old faded denim linen and sewing reel logo.

The practical home needle craft in pictures..

This book dates from 1933 with charming ideas forthe home and your wardrobe.
This book used to belong to my Scottish Grandma and a gem for every technique for making clothes when I am stuck with putting in a zip or making a pocket this is my bible for making clothes.
It also has some funky 70's interior design ideas.
Singer sewing book published in 1972 by Hamlyn.
I love the cover very 70's
This gem dating back to 1933 below belonged to my great Aunt a very talented painter and used to recreate many outfits from pictures of Vogue. I used to love raiding her closet when I was a little girl hours of fun dressing up in her clothes and she owned original Hollywood clothing she used to buy at markets in Glasgow.
So maybe check the family book shelves or your local second hand book store and see what you can find to inspire you old school style..