Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to refresh

The weather hasn’t been that great lately. Monday was freezing wet and cold and made me long for summer. I am starting to get that spring clean feeling. Planning fun things for summer always gets me through the cold winter months. I decided to start with the bathroom and refresh the body with some nice shower gel. I spotted the new Go fresh range from Dove. The bright fresh colours of green, turquoise and sunny yellow of the packaging really attracted me in the store. Remind you of a spring day. Just looking at the packaging you know what the contents are going to smell like fresh air and the scent of flowers on a summer’s day. I decided to try all three fragrances the cool minty deodorant the grapefruit and lemon grass shower gel and the cool cucumber and green tea shampoo. I am now starting the day feeling refreshed which you need when you have a little baby in your life and you have sleep deprivation.
Did you know that Dove are running a competition at the moment so I thought why not I would give it a whirl and send them a picture that shows me refreshing my spirit. Check it out and have fun looking through your old photos and have ago at the competition you may have a chance to win some gorgeous prizes or $20,000 now that would be a refreshing start to summer. Check out the fun photos and competition on their site
Here I am with Jarrod last year on Holiday sailing out to the Great Barrier Reef to go snorkeling it was really nice to look at old summer holiday photos.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time for a Mass Denimstration

It's Time for a Mass Denimstration on August 1st ...ditch the dresses skirts suits and ties.
Have fun and get your wide legged, high waisted, baggy , boyfriend or skinny jeans on and support a very worthwhile cause. Jeans for Genes Day
I was lucky enough to be invited to the Gala fund raiser Gold Denim Ball at the Hilton Hotel last Wednesday night at Sydney's Hilton Hotel. Everyone has to wear a touch of gold. Jarrod wore his gold dragon pants and caused a bit of a stir with the photographers.
The reason we where there my husband Jarrod directed their latest Deminstration
It was an amazing event and nice to have a glam night out and support a good cause.
It makes me so grateful I have a healthy happy little baby boy.
There was amazing artwork for sale jeans donated by celebrities and Artists donated their talent and time and created these amazing pictures incorporating Jeans. which you can see on
I loved the fashion show where each outfit used recycled jeans very inspiring it makes you want to chop up your old clothes and create something beautiful... maybe think twice about that. ..but you can see these creation in an a exhibition. Do it with denim
Felix has his new pair of jeans to wear on Aug 1st so visit their website and find out about their worth while cause and how you can help and start mass Denimstration Felix in his new jeans..

P.S. I managed to make a small evening bag for the Gala event in indigo suede with a little rose maybe next time I will make one in Denim. I am thinking of making them for the store what do you think?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's the Russh?

What's the Russh? Ever think about how you just don't have anytime left in your life?
Imagine not using cyber world and mobile phones to keep in touch with friends. Using old fashion letter writing calling someone for a long chat on their land line instead of a text or e-mail or dropping by unannounced at a friends place for tea and bickies?
Check out an interesting article Hanging on the telephone by Nicole Haddow in this months Russh ( one of my favorite fashion mags) and the impact of technology in our social life is it reducing us to cyber social life with less actual physical meetings and good old conversation or is it helping us by being obtainable 24hrs a day?
Taking the slow life the answer? I just discovered this movement watching the news this week.. about a cafe in Japan practising Slow life. Probably old news to some people but new to me. I thought I would find out more and found this website interesting reading can we help by going slow?
Maybe all these things I discovered this week are messages to me to take it slow.. and you do when you have a little one in your life. i.e Felix You have to stop and play and give time . Everything else just has to wait and you know what ?
You get things done in the end. Taking it slow can make you get things done faster.
P.S. If you are reading Russh check out the article on Louise Cuckow lovely home in NZ.
I wrote about Louise's work last year checkout her website of all things cute.
Happy to see her in Russh Spookly enough she has a husband called Jarrod too and moved from London to live down under..
Sweetpea Home

Friday, July 11, 2008

Andrea and Joen Shoe diva sale

The Shoe divas Andrea and Joen are having a sale. I absolutely love their shoes and boots...
If you don't live Sydney you can visit their website.
Hurray only one day left for the sale..
When: Friday 11th July Saturday 12th July Where: Medina on Crown - Fitzroy Room 359 Crown Street Surry Hills NSW Times: Friday 11th July - 8am - 6pm Saturday 12th July - 10am - 4pm Payment: Cash only - ATM is located across the road at the Dolphin Hotel.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Susse Sewing Box

The latest things I have made just for fun.. A visit to Coles and a pack of three baby suits add some imagination and Viola some fun suits for Felix.

Fun for Felix ABC

I decided add some fun to Felix's Bare room. He is obessed with my cat picture and stares at it from his cot. I am having fun creating a new letter everyday.. Here are a few I made so far...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Snuglo is for Cool babies

Snuglo is for cool babies.. Check out the Urber Cool Label Snuglo. Sophistcated quirkiness and cool all in one go and all garments are produced in the UK.
Cool graphics and quick witted slogans.
I love the new soothers. Bed time may suck for a babies but Mummies and Daddies love bed time : )
Check it out

Baby Fun Week-Blog Blast

Ok.. so I didn't quite stick to my week of baby fun and it's nearly two weeks ago since last post
I am about to catch up and do a blog blast on you guys while little Felix is in sleepy land.
I have been surfing many of the Aussie website and there are some lovely shopping sites
check them out..
Here are some cuties designed by AMILIA ROSE DESIGN
Cute dolls and squeakers to delight your baby so visit Hip store
I adore this cute Pirate suit by Albetta Handmade also available at and local store for me they do their own lovely line of clothing too.
Check out Monkey do I love their handy hooks and hangers to keep things all nice and tidy
Robot hanger by Monkey do
Felix wears Tippy toes all the time designed by Annabel Trends
Check out the shower caps for kids I love them also
all available from
Cute Shower cap for kids
This bottle and bib are available at
The little birds are so cute!!
These great bean bags and kinder garden bags are great maybe not for babies but I would love one of these beans bags. Check them out at
Bean bags by Kinder garden bags at Finally the a store worth checking out Minifashionista!! and their blog Fashionista!!

Enjoy !!