Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Fun Week-Blog Blast

Ok.. so I didn't quite stick to my week of baby fun and it's nearly two weeks ago since last post
I am about to catch up and do a blog blast on you guys while little Felix is in sleepy land.
I have been surfing many of the Aussie website and there are some lovely shopping sites
check them out..
Here are some cuties designed by AMILIA ROSE DESIGN
Cute dolls and squeakers to delight your baby so visit Hip store
I adore this cute Pirate suit by Albetta Handmade also available at and local store for me they do their own lovely line of clothing too.
Check out Monkey do I love their handy hooks and hangers to keep things all nice and tidy
Robot hanger by Monkey do
Felix wears Tippy toes all the time designed by Annabel Trends
Check out the shower caps for kids I love them also
all available from
Cute Shower cap for kids
This bottle and bib are available at
The little birds are so cute!!
These great bean bags and kinder garden bags are great maybe not for babies but I would love one of these beans bags. Check them out at
Bean bags by Kinder garden bags at Finally the a store worth checking out Minifashionista!! and their blog Fashionista!!

Enjoy !!

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