Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time for a Mass Denimstration

It's Time for a Mass Denimstration on August 1st ...ditch the dresses skirts suits and ties.
Have fun and get your wide legged, high waisted, baggy , boyfriend or skinny jeans on and support a very worthwhile cause. Jeans for Genes Day
I was lucky enough to be invited to the Gala fund raiser Gold Denim Ball at the Hilton Hotel last Wednesday night at Sydney's Hilton Hotel. Everyone has to wear a touch of gold. Jarrod wore his gold dragon pants and caused a bit of a stir with the photographers.
The reason we where there my husband Jarrod directed their latest Deminstration
It was an amazing event and nice to have a glam night out and support a good cause.
It makes me so grateful I have a healthy happy little baby boy.
There was amazing artwork for sale jeans donated by celebrities and Artists donated their talent and time and created these amazing pictures incorporating Jeans. which you can see on
I loved the fashion show where each outfit used recycled jeans very inspiring it makes you want to chop up your old clothes and create something beautiful... maybe think twice about that. ..but you can see these creation in an a exhibition. Do it with denim
Felix has his new pair of jeans to wear on Aug 1st so visit their website and find out about their worth while cause and how you can help and start mass Denimstration Felix in his new jeans..

P.S. I managed to make a small evening bag for the Gala event in indigo suede with a little rose maybe next time I will make one in Denim. I am thinking of making them for the store what do you think?

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