Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to refresh

The weather hasn’t been that great lately. Monday was freezing wet and cold and made me long for summer. I am starting to get that spring clean feeling. Planning fun things for summer always gets me through the cold winter months. I decided to start with the bathroom and refresh the body with some nice shower gel. I spotted the new Go fresh range from Dove. The bright fresh colours of green, turquoise and sunny yellow of the packaging really attracted me in the store. Remind you of a spring day. Just looking at the packaging you know what the contents are going to smell like fresh air and the scent of flowers on a summer’s day. I decided to try all three fragrances the cool minty deodorant the grapefruit and lemon grass shower gel and the cool cucumber and green tea shampoo. I am now starting the day feeling refreshed which you need when you have a little baby in your life and you have sleep deprivation.
Did you know that Dove are running a competition at the moment so I thought why not I would give it a whirl and send them a picture that shows me refreshing my spirit. Check it out and have fun looking through your old photos and have ago at the competition you may have a chance to win some gorgeous prizes or $20,000 now that would be a refreshing start to summer. Check out the fun photos and competition on their site
Here I am with Jarrod last year on Holiday sailing out to the Great Barrier Reef to go snorkeling it was really nice to look at old summer holiday photos.

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