Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's the Russh?

What's the Russh? Ever think about how you just don't have anytime left in your life?
Imagine not using cyber world and mobile phones to keep in touch with friends. Using old fashion letter writing calling someone for a long chat on their land line instead of a text or e-mail or dropping by unannounced at a friends place for tea and bickies?
Check out an interesting article Hanging on the telephone by Nicole Haddow in this months Russh ( one of my favorite fashion mags) and the impact of technology in our social life is it reducing us to cyber social life with less actual physical meetings and good old conversation or is it helping us by being obtainable 24hrs a day?
Taking the slow life the answer? I just discovered this movement watching the news this week.. about a cafe in Japan practising Slow life. Probably old news to some people but new to me. I thought I would find out more and found this website interesting reading can we help by going slow?
Maybe all these things I discovered this week are messages to me to take it slow.. and you do when you have a little one in your life. i.e Felix You have to stop and play and give time . Everything else just has to wait and you know what ?
You get things done in the end. Taking it slow can make you get things done faster.
P.S. If you are reading Russh check out the article on Louise Cuckow lovely home in NZ.
I wrote about Louise's work last year checkout her website of all things cute.
Happy to see her in Russh Spookly enough she has a husband called Jarrod too and moved from London to live down under..
Sweetpea Home

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