Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Books Alabama Stitch Book

Hooray my new book Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin with Stacie Stukin arrived this week. A lovely little gem. I bought my copy from it did take ages to arrive but I did I get free delivery. You can buy it direct from the Alabamachanin website or amazon. I suppose it was a slow life moment. It was worth waiting for. One of the reasons I heard about this book was researching Slow Life and Slow Design.
In this book their definition is "Slow design "means embracing the long term view over the short term gain by using age old techniques to create products that celebrate strong design principles for modern living.
The book has many lovely projects to do but also interwoven is the history if the American Cotton industry and age old sowing techniques and even cooking recipes. I love the story if how flower sacks where recycled to make clothing quilts and toys. Even thread was unravelled fabric from tobacco pouches to make thread nothing was wasted in the old days. Times where tight but people still created beautiful objects recycling what resources they had.
The main fabric for all these projects are recycled t shirts but I guess you could use other materials.
The book was originally a drafted blue print or business manual for the Alabama Project but I think it isa lovely business model.
I haven't tried any projects but I am eyeing up Jarrod's computer freebie T shirts to chop up....
when I do I will feature in Susse Sewing box on my Flickr page. mm now where are those scissors
hee hee..
Images from the Alabamachanin Website

Images from the Alabamachanin Website

If you don't have the patience to sow you can buy there lovely clothing on their website .

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