Friday, August 29, 2008

Mexicana Night

Last week we had a Mexicana night in honor of Jarrod's birthday just a small dinner party but we had a great time . Very baby friendly night easy to prepare the food quickly. Lots of Salad ,tortilla chips, Burritos, Margaretta's, Mexican beer and everyone was happy. I was going to make a Mexican sombrero hat Birthday cake but I decided I was being a bit over ambitious and also very time poor.
To get the Mexican feeling going you need some music so we bough this CD quite mix of different styles so something for everyone.
Music Traveller Mexico National Geographic by Sony Music . This great little CD with an interactive CD ROM all about Mexico the festivals local art etc. I tried to find an on line source for this but only cam up with an e-bay not even amazon sold it. We got our form a regular brick and mortar store Myers department store in Sydney.
We didn't buy any decorations but we had some around the house to add a bit of Mexican feeling with these great tissue paper chains we bought in China town. Lots of Jelly beans and plastic cowboys and some red roses add to the atmosphere. I did do some research and found an online store in Australia. They have some great party things.

We bought a blender and made some margaritas very easy to do some Tequila and a Margaretta mix and a bag of ice. some fancy cocktail accessories umbrellas etc.

Here is a nice recipe I found for Margaritas...

Here are some tips on hosting a Mexican Party..

Here is one for the Kids

If you want to go the whole hog and make a Mexican dress try this website.. so just few ideas to have fun dinner party a bit different from the usual barbie at the weekend... Have a fun ...

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