Monday, September 29, 2008

I often wonder who reads my blog?

I often wonder who reads my blog? I suppose all you other bloggers out there do. I started using my blog as a way for friends and Susse fans to keep in touch and see what I was up too and into. I like to write about Australian things especially to educate some people in the Northern hemisphere who seem to still have the perception it all sheep and barbies here. Not so I say. There is cool stuff going here in the Southern hemisphere. If you ever use free software like Stats counter you suddenly realise exactly how many people do read your blog and all over the world for me quite a surprise. I received a lovely e-mail from Gemma who is a regular reader of Susse Collection and she is a contributor of the revamped 2threads site. They have launched a shop. I think of it as the Aussie version of Style hive. Any way have a look and see what you think. Lots of Fashion fun to be found here. Get in the know about some Aussie style. Check out

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Susse Trend Spotting- Blogs and books

Have you noticed something happening lately in Blog world. Blogs are starting to jump out of cyber world and onto the bookshelves. Which you know I am a total book loving geek. I like the idea blogs developing into books. There are so many wonderful visual blogs out there so why not make them more of a physical reality.
Image Michi Girl

So I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Aussie blog Michi Girl. The book Like I give a Frock featuring the beautiful illustrations of Kat MacLeod. Available soon at Print and Pattern the famous design blog on surface pattern and trends have plans to publish a book soon and looking foward to this visual feast.. Then there is the gourgeous Creative Thursday book Who are you going to be today Olive? which I would liketo get for Felix (myself he he) So may the trend continue as blogs are fragile cybre things and may disappear but at least you can still have a beautiful book to remind you of your favourite blogs..

Festival of the winds

OK... festival of the winds... this title may make you chuckle ..well maybe if you are a big kid like me. I can't help myself . This is a great day out and I missed it last year and this year I made it down to Bondi Beach . It wasn't brilliant weather that day. It was weird there was just a small break in the clouds at Bondi beach for the sun to break through and everywhere else was like the movie Day After Tomorrow clouds. Still it was a colourful spectacle and looked really good fun next year I will have ago and flying a kite.

I tried to take some pictures of the amazing selection of kites my favorite was a tiger one.

But my photos where not very good.. the kites look like tiny confetti in the sky so I drew this illustration above instead. You can check out some photos here

and make a date next year if you are in town. I am definitely taking Felix along next year..

Cat Walk Genius

Image Copyright of Catwalk Genius
On the work front this month I was very excited to hear from one of my on-line stockist from London.
They where planning showcasing their website at London fashion week this month and a some
rebranding after test marketing their site.
I was asked to send some samples off to London so my little Susse bags winged there way to the Northern hemisphere for photo shoot with the talented Stylist John Colver who styles for great London magazines like ID.
So I was very excited not sure if my Susse bags made it to the final shoot yet but nice to be asked anyway.
Watch this space.. to get your hands on some great fashion especailly London designers.

Susse Saturday Shop New Fabric store

A few weeks back I found out about this new store on a Frankie magazine Forum. Frankie is another great Aussie magazine and really supports up and coming creative artists musicians and designers. When I first came to Australia it felt like the Sahara desert when it came to buying fabrics and supplies here. I just didn't know where to go?? But now thanks to finding a few blogs that have sprung up recently. I am now on the case. I was very spoilt in London I had a leather and handbag bits and pieces merchants at the bottom of my street. I had a trimming supplier a few streets away the handy sewing machine man around the corner and of course Brick lane a 20 minute walkaway so very spoilt girl in deed. I had been waiting awhile for a free afternoon so Jarrod could look after Felix and I went to check this store in Surryhills.
Image from Urban walkabout website
The Fabric store... Hooray I found the perfect fabric store. everything is so well edited and laid out and the pricing is really good. Lots of Natural fibre fabrics no electric shock make you hair stand on end sweaty armpits fabrics here. The range of fabrics are a large selection of cotton Jersey's , New Zealand Merino wools, cottons and denims. Even Marc for Marc Jacobs and other designer fabrics. Hey even have a card so you can earn a stamp each time you purchase and get discount. It really reminded me of The Cloth shop in London. The only down side it wasn't pram friendly they where some steps leading up to the store only three so you can try and hike a pram up the stairs but maybe better to go without one it would be easier. The store address: 21 Cooper Street Surryhills Sydney You can also find them here at Urban walk about website..

Hey where have you been?

Hey where have you been?? I may hear you ask. Oops yes a month has flown by and not a peep from me. I have many things I wanted to blog about this month. I have had a busy month with my little baby boy Felix so hoping on-line hasn't really happened for me only work essentials not much on-line fun this month. I have been out and about though in this glorious weather. Today was just amazing. The best Sydney day brilliant sunshine ,the twinkle of the water as boats bob up an down the odd party boat moving along the harbour ( yes Kylie seems to be the popular choice of music along with Madonna on the party boats) and there was a gentle breeze just to keep you cool enough in the shade. As my friend Alicia said a few weeks back when the first hot day of spring arrived it's one of these days you just feel as high as being in love. I really liked that description and today was one of those highs. So maybe what your next question is Hey what have you been up to??? Well lets see...