Sunday, September 28, 2008

Festival of the winds

OK... festival of the winds... this title may make you chuckle ..well maybe if you are a big kid like me. I can't help myself . This is a great day out and I missed it last year and this year I made it down to Bondi Beach . It wasn't brilliant weather that day. It was weird there was just a small break in the clouds at Bondi beach for the sun to break through and everywhere else was like the movie Day After Tomorrow clouds. Still it was a colourful spectacle and looked really good fun next year I will have ago and flying a kite.

I tried to take some pictures of the amazing selection of kites my favorite was a tiger one.

But my photos where not very good.. the kites look like tiny confetti in the sky so I drew this illustration above instead. You can check out some photos here

and make a date next year if you are in town. I am definitely taking Felix along next year..

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