Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey where have you been?

Hey where have you been?? I may hear you ask. Oops yes a month has flown by and not a peep from me. I have many things I wanted to blog about this month. I have had a busy month with my little baby boy Felix so hoping on-line hasn't really happened for me only work essentials not much on-line fun this month. I have been out and about though in this glorious weather. Today was just amazing. The best Sydney day brilliant sunshine ,the twinkle of the water as boats bob up an down the odd party boat moving along the harbour ( yes Kylie seems to be the popular choice of music along with Madonna on the party boats) and there was a gentle breeze just to keep you cool enough in the shade. As my friend Alicia said a few weeks back when the first hot day of spring arrived it's one of these days you just feel as high as being in love. I really liked that description and today was one of those highs. So maybe what your next question is Hey what have you been up to??? Well lets see...

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