Monday, September 29, 2008

I often wonder who reads my blog?

I often wonder who reads my blog? I suppose all you other bloggers out there do. I started using my blog as a way for friends and Susse fans to keep in touch and see what I was up too and into. I like to write about Australian things especially to educate some people in the Northern hemisphere who seem to still have the perception it all sheep and barbies here. Not so I say. There is cool stuff going here in the Southern hemisphere. If you ever use free software like Stats counter you suddenly realise exactly how many people do read your blog and all over the world for me quite a surprise. I received a lovely e-mail from Gemma who is a regular reader of Susse Collection and she is a contributor of the revamped 2threads site. They have launched a shop. I think of it as the Aussie version of Style hive. Any way have a look and see what you think. Lots of Fashion fun to be found here. Get in the know about some Aussie style. Check out

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