Sunday, September 28, 2008

Susse Saturday Shop New Fabric store

A few weeks back I found out about this new store on a Frankie magazine Forum. Frankie is another great Aussie magazine and really supports up and coming creative artists musicians and designers. When I first came to Australia it felt like the Sahara desert when it came to buying fabrics and supplies here. I just didn't know where to go?? But now thanks to finding a few blogs that have sprung up recently. I am now on the case. I was very spoilt in London I had a leather and handbag bits and pieces merchants at the bottom of my street. I had a trimming supplier a few streets away the handy sewing machine man around the corner and of course Brick lane a 20 minute walkaway so very spoilt girl in deed. I had been waiting awhile for a free afternoon so Jarrod could look after Felix and I went to check this store in Surryhills.
Image from Urban walkabout website
The Fabric store... Hooray I found the perfect fabric store. everything is so well edited and laid out and the pricing is really good. Lots of Natural fibre fabrics no electric shock make you hair stand on end sweaty armpits fabrics here. The range of fabrics are a large selection of cotton Jersey's , New Zealand Merino wools, cottons and denims. Even Marc for Marc Jacobs and other designer fabrics. Hey even have a card so you can earn a stamp each time you purchase and get discount. It really reminded me of The Cloth shop in London. The only down side it wasn't pram friendly they where some steps leading up to the store only three so you can try and hike a pram up the stairs but maybe better to go without one it would be easier. The store address: 21 Cooper Street Surryhills Sydney You can also find them here at Urban walk about website..

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