Friday, October 17, 2008

Sweet treats in the Mail

I had a nice surprise recently in my mail box. A large envelope arrived and inside a copy of Notebook magazine with a note form the editor. It was the Third birthday issue all revamped and ready to go.
I must admit it's not a magazine I have ever bought but it was always the one of choice in the doctor's waiting room during my numerous visits with my pregnancy. I used to love it especially the craft ideas.
Although I am talking about the September issue so a wee bit late to catch it now.
mmm.. maybe at the doctors...
There definitely some great articles and one especially on food waste and the impact we are making on the planet by being lazy with our food. I am guilty of that especially being a new Mum.
It has made me think more about my approach to shopping for food and planning what I will cook.
Where the food is coming from and how many miles your food on your plate has travelled to get there.
You can read more here:
They had some lovely ideas for making things two from all the great boutique on-line fabric stores that are around Australia or you can just recycle your stash of old fabrics.
I love the wire coat hanger idea at last something you can do with all those wire coat hangers that are evil for your clothes. The also great thing about note book as it is subdivided into sections making it perfect for a busy mum to snatch an article in small bit sized chunks before going to bed.

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