Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet treats in the Mail

A little package arrived the other day from “glaceau vitaminwater” revive and I have to say good timing as the silly season approaches. As a busy Mum it's not all that hard partying till 3 am that means I need a natural lift in energy levels. The only partying is attending to Felix in the early hours. Things are starting to get hectic with Christmas approaching as the Susse Elves work hard wrapping those gifts from the Susse store to dispatch to far off lands.
To many lattes and I get a bit narky and unpleasant to be around. My verdict is that Galceau Vitamin Water is the way to go for a natural lift with all those vitamins your body needs. Thank you Galceau you just gave me the best early Christmas present to help a busy mum revive and keep going thorough out the silly season.
Click here to find out a bit more it might inspire you with a new years resolution or two i.e must be more healthier and kinder to your body.

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