Sunday, January 25, 2009

Love is in the air Castle and Things

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Hand embroidered artwork for Valentines day
Love is in the air as Valentines day approaches. I have been surfing around looking for unusual gifts to say I love you. I am in love with this new range of bedding and art work from Sydney based company . I found this website at of my favorite blogs Decor8 so I can't take credit for the find. If you are looking for something fresh for your bedroom then it worth a look at Castle. All the products are handmade and hand printed in Australia.
Looking for somethings special to say I love you and will last longer than a bunch of flowers or chocolates then why not also check out the hand made art work with slogans like it must be love hand stitched on vintage French linen. Using a variety of different fabrics. All pieces are signed with the Castle C and a cross with love.
Now there's a special gift.
Happy Australia day and Happy Luna New Year.
Images copyright of Castle and things

Images copyright of Castle and things

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