Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Love Black White and Yellow

image copyright Susse Pty Ltd (c) 2009
I have been having a current obsession with Black White and Yellow it seems to be everywhere I look around I see it in interiors, Ads and magazines. Yellow is a colour I seem to have real obsession with at the moment. A colour I have to say has never been a favorite in the past. I was thinking why am I into Yellow? Also it seems the design world is to. With so much negativity happening in the world maybe we are all into yellow as it just gives us a positive lift. I feel lucky just now and grateful for what I have in life for any one on a down turn look at yellow and start to feel up lifted. I had look into Yellow which symbolizes intellect, creativity, happiness and has the power of persuasion and it promotes clarity of thought. It brings hope and happiness ,confidence. Yellow also symbolises a few negative traits to deceit and cowardliness and also staring at yellow for to long dose mean you go a bit potty. I hope it not the later as I like to think more on a positive note. We need something to get back on the positive track.
Or maybe I should go back to my trusty turquoise obsession?
But enough of my ramblings I have found joy in my latest colour obsession in a lovely design blog Black White Yellow enjoy and get a bit of yellow in your life.
Image by Harvey Ross Ball

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