Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun Thoughts

Jarrod and I had one of those rare Saturday afternoons off from mummy and daddy duty and headed off to Bondi Junction Westfield’s. I like to call this place the mother ship of shopping. It’s a place you can stay for hours. We didn’t go shopping but finally went to see Slum Dog Millionaire and loved it. Having spent our honey moon in India it certainly captured the essence of India. My point for this blog post was?? The pre-waiting for the movie we manage to grab a coffee and read some random magazine articles in Borders books. The magazine section always gives me my magazineaholic fix especially with what is happening in the world. I read this article I think it was UK Elle about how those tiny habits we have can be holding us back. Maybe by just changing a few of these comfort habits could make a huge impact on our lives. So the cog wheels in my brain have been turning this week. Mmm… what can I change? I have to say I have already experience a huge comfort zone change a few years ago by moving to the other side of the planet but I can officially say I am back in the comfort zone again. In the article author mentioned by just change a few things for example switching the TV off for a few nights how that has now improved her relationship with her partner and also started some creative writing which was one of her dreams now turning into reality. This week I tried a few new things each day. I randomly tried a new recipe from a magazine I had. I finally got to know my mobile phone and linked it with my computer. I changed my ring tone got my contacts synchronize and photos download. I tried a new creative medium. I found this idea on Apartment Therapy and painted a cup with one of my Afro girls and now feeling very inspired to try some more. Here she is Afro Girl on a mug..
Image Susse Collection
Ok these changes maybe not life shattering changes but I had some fun this week and after all life is there to have fun isn’t it?

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