Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Way 2 go home

Here I am back in the 70’s on the street I spent my childhood jumping up and down on my orange moon hopper. Giving my age away now. : ). It’s a special street for me. I also had my first proper paid job there as a gallery assistant and now it is going to the place I will get time to spend with my Parents and Felix’s first birthday. I am excited to be going home to Scotland for a few weeks. I am also going back to my 2nd home London which I am also excited about and some time in Hong Kong. To add to the excitement that I have been asked to be a guess blogger for the new publication Way2go magazine and write about my experiences so watch this space as I will be trying to tell you what it is like as a tourist in my own country and travelling with a little person in tow. Australia is now my new home and I no longer feel weird with summer at Christmas time. I am interested to see how I feel about being back in the northern hemisphere I hope to give you my visual diary and thoughts as I travel. I wanted to make it quite a creative project so taking some inspiration for the beautifully illustrated books of Miro Slavsaek What this space for Susse’s Edinburgh Susse’s London and Susse’s Hong Kong.
Cover Images copyright of Miro Slavsaek

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