Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun Blog Home Work Jane Foster

I can't take credit for finding the work and blog of Jane foster as I found her on the print and pattern blog and have really enjoyed her blog lately. Jane is a UK based designer who designs lovely hand screened printed textiles and designed for Clothkits and Habitat in the UK.
I think if I lived in her home you would feel very happy with all the bright fun retro pieces and her lovey artwork and textiles. Check out her blog for retro inspiration and you can purchase her work at her website.
The Fun Home of Jane Foster
Images copyright of Jane Foster

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Skirt a good find

I was at Bondi markets a few weeks back and have to tell you about Bad Skirt a charming find at the market. Dealing with hand made goodies and fun fabrics from Japan. I bought some rocket fabric and space print for my little boy his nickname is Rocket.
If you met him you know why he just found his new powers of walking and let's say I am getting very fit these days. I ended up buying a few sample fabrics for myself to swede up some t-shirts. ( sweding a term we use in our house after seeing the movie Be kind rewind)
Bad skirt is away finding more fun fabric in Japan just now but worth a visit their stall if you visit the market.
Check out the bad skirt blog and store and see some great crafty tips and cute handmade goodies.
All images copyright Bad Skirt

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sale time

This is the last sale for a while at Susse Collection so enjoy.


Handmade Hellos

Image copyright Hello lucky
I found a charming book published by Chronicle books Handmade Hellos by Hello Lucky that is now on my Susse wish list.
I have recently had so many birthdays to celebrate I realise all my friends seem to have their birthdays all in the past week. I know a lot of Gemini folk. I think it nice to go old school and make your own cards. Recycle a few things around the house a long the way. I also have lots of over due thank you cards from our trip in the UK so lots of cards to make. Find out about the ladies behind this charming book and their blog. You can preview some of the pages of the book here. If your not that creative then you can buy some lovely cards at Hello Lucky. Have fun and get snail mailing.

Fun Time Keeping

Ok my time management has sucked the past few weeks. I think I have got sucked into the Twitter vortex of internet distraction. Blogging seems to have taken a back seat of late. Since my trip back I have become more aware of time management and getting organised. I actually sat down and wrote down all the things I do as a mum and running a creative business and thought mmm no wonder I have no time left time to do much. Time to simplfy and out source I think ? Here is fun way to keep the time and the date I love this idea from the human calender learn more here
Like that then try this the human clock you even contribute with a photo to the clock My latest obsession getting organised I love this site I found out about from a recent newsletter from the Australian business Women's network
I read some of the tips from the blog the Bin bag exercise was very liberating : ) Working on my post cards posting them soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello I am back

Hello I am back from a world win tour . No time to blog or even a tiny tweet while I was away.
I have been back a while now but it is taking all this time to get back to living down under.
I feel energised and ready to go.. so watch this space for my postcard tales from Scotland London and Hong Kong and find out what it is like to travel witha one year old half way around the world.