Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Skirt a good find

I was at Bondi markets a few weeks back and have to tell you about Bad Skirt a charming find at the market. Dealing with hand made goodies and fun fabrics from Japan. I bought some rocket fabric and space print for my little boy his nickname is Rocket.
If you met him you know why he just found his new powers of walking and let's say I am getting very fit these days. I ended up buying a few sample fabrics for myself to swede up some t-shirts. ( sweding a term we use in our house after seeing the movie Be kind rewind)
Bad skirt is away finding more fun fabric in Japan just now but worth a visit their stall if you visit the market.
Check out the bad skirt blog and store and see some great crafty tips and cute handmade goodies.
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Amy (badskirt) said...

Thanks for the kind mention! I've arrived home this morning from Japan with a big stack of fabrics which I'll be bringing down to the markets next week!