Sunday, August 2, 2009

Peppermint Magazine

Carrying on the theme of small pleasures. I love nothing better than sitting down and having a good read. I discovered a new magazine. Australia's first eco fashion magazine Peppermint. Hold your horses before you start to judge this publication it's not all hemp 70's clothing. I think it's a magazine designers should take note of the growing movement of eco conscious design today. I really loved the article Made with love (The world of DIY) by Tess Curran. It must have taking quite a lot of research for this article which is really a snap shot of Australia's creative crafting community and bloggers. Mostly about how their businesses where borne from the pleasure they took in creating things by hand. A certain percentage of the cover price goes to a good cause and the magazine is even printed using waterless printing methods. I am hooked now and certainly look out for their next issue.
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