Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New South Sydney Markets

We had a great family day on Sunday at the new South Sydney Markets . It set in the industrial area of Sydney and has a huge paper recycling plant next door. It has a nice vibe with street dancers bands petting zoo and men on stilts. The stall owners are very friend take a look at Kevin below where I bought some daisies as I am starting to feel spring like. It was more like 31C so I think we skipped spring and raced into summer already. The industrial space made us reminisce of our old Sunday market trawls around Brick lane in London. I spotted this gem of a book published in 1963 I loved the cover design and it is was perfect inspiration for Jarrod's porcelain projects he is working on just now. We found some fresh veggies for dinner. I made a homemade pizza. Once you made your own you can't go back to supermarket bricks. Lots of real second hand finds and kids and women's clothing. It's quite small but I think it will grow over time with such a nice vibe and very family friendly and free parking. A fun day out.

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