Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hey Happy Holidays!!
I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I am not sure if anyone still reads my blog as I haven't been here for quite sometime. At last after months of travelling around and of waiting for the internet to get connected I am back in the cyber world. There is a major back log of blogging since moving back to our home in London.
I decided to keep it simple and share some pages from my visual diary. Little journal drawings I keep for blog posts so until next year here a few images to enjoy of London so far.
Be safe, be warm , all the best for 2011.
Susse XXX
Round and round the world we go
Fashion Folk LFW
Flower Market
London boys love mo stashes
The powder room
Autumn is coming
Shop Local
Feeling Christmassy

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been?

I been to London to see the Queen. You may have thought I had disappeared off the blog planet. I am back. So many changes in the past few months and finally I am back in London waiting for our belongings to arrive by sea. I have been travelling around for the past month in New Zealand. So much to blog about but it has to wait for now. Off to Scotland tomorrow. So early to bed tonight.
Bye for now....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cute Dolls

Image Copyright of FAB LABHello it's been sometime since I visited my blog and find some new fun things to tell you about. Truth is have been sick the past few weeks but happy bouncing back and on the mend again.
I received a lovely e-mail from Carla Vallerde.It is very exciting to get e-mails from the other side of the world. Carla is based in Portugal and she makes lovely products, cute dolls ,bags and home wares under the name FAB LAB. Fun for kids and big kids like me. I love them all.
She uses a variety of textile techniques and her products are all made by hand making them quite special. I love the use of simple line drawing making them look quite sophisticated and naive at the same time.
Check out her Flickr to see more
she also has a lovely blog and link to her Esty store
You can find her lovely creations in several stores in Portugal and around the world.
Dotty Dot London UK
MashNgravy Scotland
Thank you Carla for sharing your work.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy to see the sun today

Images all copyright of Susse Pty ltd 2010
Rocket and I were so happy to see the sunshine today. It has been raining so hard of late and we are both so over collage and play dough and baking looks like another sunny day tomorrow YEAH!!
Here are some happy Susse designs I am working on just now inspired by all this rain.
I thought it might cheer you up.
: )

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainy Days

Images above Copyright of SussePtyLtd Anyone living in Sydney with a toddler at home is going crazy at the moment as we are experiencing a lot of Rain which is a positive thing for Sydney as we need it the rain and have been so lucky experiencing warm golden Autumn days. So we have been spoilt . I thought I would share a top tip for a rainy day with toddlers So last week I packed little Rocket into the car and drove through the very large puddles aqua planing through China town to the Powerhouse Museum.
The Power house has lots of fun things for parents and toddlers. Rocket was free and my admission ticket was $10 well spent and you can have your parking validated at the museum if you park in the entertainment quarter car park. The ground floor has a magical garden and a teddy bears playing instruments and the cafe is very kid friendly . We checked out the Frock stars exhibition as Australian Rosemount Fashion week celebrates 15 years this year. It has an interesting insight in the event. In particularly enjoyed the commentary of the graphic designer and his process for designing the graphics for fashion week.
I thought it was extra cute the little catwalk for paper dolls you can sit down try your hand at your own creations.
If fashion not your thing Rocket enjoyed the space section shouting Gar and noon and running around crazy from each exhibit.
There is also a trip down memory lane and revisit the 80's exhibition which we did a couple of months ago.
Anyway bored on a rainy day then try the Powerhouse museum your bound to come away happy and totally forget the rain outside.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Maeve Magazine

Issue on of Maeve magazine has arrived this month. A lovely on-line magazine with some really nice photography and very interesting articles and from one of my favorite places in NZ .

Cute Garffiti

You don't often see cute graffiti I spotted this on the way back from Finders keepers market.
I thought I would share it with you.

A Perfect Saturday

Images copyright of Angus and Celeste Images copyright of Angus and Celeste
My dodgy photos
I had the perfect Saturday this weekend it started early at 6 am as perusal as Rocket has discovered how to break free from his cot and knocks on his bedroom door to let us know hey I am up and I know you guys are awake. The early start was OK as we decided to get out house and head off to the Finders keepers market parking is a night mare and with our huge pram and possible three bus ride there we deiced to take the wheels. We had some gorgeous coffee at the organic market and eat a hearty breakie and then checked out the market on this crisp sunny Sydney autumn day.
There where so many things I liked and I was in luck as it was mothers day the next day and Jarrod suggested I could chose something ha ha I thought. It was tough choice but I really fell in love with the work of Angus and Celeste pictured above and you can purchase their lovely bone china creations at their website. I thought their designs really stood out from the crowd. I tried to take picture of the stall owners but they where a bit shy and I am shy too so I just took some pictures of their work.
I ended up with lovely heart shaped necklace with a antquie floral pattern and they wrapped everything up so nicely too.
Our day continued with a play for Rocket in the local Newtown park and then he fell asleep in the car and we head off to Cential park and let him sleep as we booth Sat in the sun for half an hour.
Don;t worry we had the window open and where only 1 m away form the car.
Jarrod and I enjoyed our alone time. He has been away for a couple of months so we enjoyed just having the perfect Saturday.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Rocket Turns Two

My little Rocket turns two next week it is all going so quickly. A busy weekend ahead organizing some birthday fun. Just working out how to make a lion cake just now as we are going to take him to the zoo for his birthday. It's personal blog post today I thought I would share the little invite I made for him. Happy weekend.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ottobre Design Magazine

All images copyright of Ottobre Design Magazine
Yeah!! I have discovered this lovely Ottobre Design magazine from Finland and even better it comes in English.
Visit the magazine Ottobre here and see all the pages and it comes with easy to follow instructions and patterns. They have a great blog to. Here are few of my favorite pages. I am hopeful to try and make some new clothes for Rocket. I love the funky yellow pants and robot tee. It is quite hard to find nice patterns for kids and babies.
So I am feeling inspired to have a go and make some fun threads for Rocket.
You can by it on line at Tesstui Fabrics a lovely fabric store in Sydney.

Making wee people for wee people

image copyright SussePtyLtd

I just finished these cute guys today . I had so much fun making them and it is hard to part with them but they are a gift for two special wee people who came into the world this month. I found the free patterns here at Note book magazine. Dew Drop Girl and Blinky. These cute creations are by Blinking Flights who has a lovely blog. Notebook Magazine have just started running a series of crafty classes at the Craft room. starting in May. So if you live in Sydney you can find your inner crafty.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter Bunnies

Happy Easter Bunnies
It is has been mad March this month. Everything has been a bit strange here in Susse Land.
Including weeks of no internet due to water logged telephone cables streets away. Do you ever get those weird days ,weeks, months when everything is really out of sync ?
Any way I am back on track and looking forward to Easter and some more blogging.
I have been a bit crafty lately and made these little woolly egg cup covers for friends and family this Easter. I think it must be a British thing I don't think you need wee egg covers here in Aussie it doesn't get that cold. It is a bit weird getting into autumn mode when it's Easter I keep thinking Halloween. I love Autumn especially in the Sydney sunshine.
I hope the Easter bunny is good to you and have fun this weekend.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rocket Pants!!

Rocket Pants?? You say what's this blog post about??
Just saying saying hey look what I made this week.
The sewing machine was dusted down and I made Rocket some Rocket pants. I bought some fabric ages and ages ago from Bad skirt. I found this pattern in Vinnie's which was for size age 4 but I managed to change it to size age 2 quite a good find for $2. The cover illustrations are very eighties don't you think. Anyway I had some fun sewing these. Amazingly they fitted!! Trying to do made to measure for a toddler not easy I can tell you.
I have a fun week.

Happy Birthday February Friends

Happy Birthday February Friends!!!
I seem too have so many friends birthdays that fall in February nearly everyday. So here is a card I made for one friend this week. Happy Birthday to all you February people out there.

Oops! Valentines Day Video

OOps!! I can't workout why my video on my last post dosen't work. Not very techie I am sorry to say. You can see my Valentines Day Video I have posted it up over at my facebook page.
For those people who said hey where is it ?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Just for fun here are few illustrations I have been working on as a joint

collaboration with a friend for an animation. I thought you might like them.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rainy day where shall we go and play

Rain Rain and more rain has been the story here in Sydney this weekend and we where suffering cabin fever today and decided to go to the Art Gallery of NSW. We had a great family day out. Here is an interesting installation we found today. Created by artist Tatzu Nishi's as part of the Kaldor Public Art Project which is celebrating it's fortieth year. At the entrance of the gallery you will find two temporary buildings and as you enter the first building and you will be greeted by a living room interior. We felt like we where at an inspection for a rental and should leave our details. Taking a closer look and something is not quite right open the cupboard and you find a piece of statue. The the other building you are greeted by a huge horse sculpture standing on a bed. It was amazing to look up close at these sculptures and felt quite dream like. Raining all day we certainly found something fun to see and do today.

Books a thing of beauty

Books are not just for reading they can be a thing of beauty.I personally find books inspiring for my own work and here are a few creative designers and artist finding beauty in second hand books and running it into their art work where books become the main focal point for their creations. I think there is a global mini trend happening here. Could it be a reaction to books going digital and we may start to find the art of book making disappearing? Melbourne-Australia Spotted in the current issue of Inside Out Magazine Melbourne based artist Nicolas Jones crafts the most delicate sculptures out of second hand books the he folds pleats and craves the pages out of books giving new life to often discarded unloved books. Visit Nicolas website to see his work. Paris- France There is an interesting article and interview with Parisian bag designer Olympia Le Tan in the current issue of Frankie Magazine who spends up to three days embroidering her favorite book covers and then turns them in to couture book bags. she is causing quite a stir in blog world with her current collection. Visit Olympia's web site to see these creations. London- UK British designer Amy Anderson current collection Spring /summer 2010 In search of love Part II- Lima Oscar Victor Echo uses the pages from a Victorian Collegiate Atlas which have been laser cut to create tiny books that are enclosed in silver or gold ornate covers and made into delicate necklaces something special for Valentine's day. Visit Amy's website to see her very unique and special designs or stop by her flag ship store if you happen to be in London.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Pattern Book

Image copyright of Print and Pattern Blog
I am really excited to receive my copy of "Patterns" book by Macarena San Martin and features
two Susse textile prints from the animal magic collection. One of my favourite blogs Print and Pattern have written a lovely review of the book check it out .. The cover design is by the lovely UK design company Isak.
Meanwhile I am eagerly waiting by my mail box but I guess it has along way to travel snail mail from Barcelona to Sydney. : ).
Have a fun weekend..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun at the Museum

We had a great family day today at the Australian Museum we had never been before. They have a whole area devoted to kids. Perfect rainy day excursion. Kids under 5 are free. Kids space is for little ones under 5 with little pods teaching children about the natural world. My son loved it so much we spent on hour there. They also do cool things for older kids like sleep overs with the dinosaurs you can camp out in the dinosaur room over night. They have lots for adults to enjoy to. You can learn about Australia's indigenous culture and rich natural world. On Australia day it's half price for entry visit their website to find out more about all the fun things going on in the museum .

Friday, January 15, 2010

I ran the wrong way

I found a lovely store this week on Cleveland street called I ran the wrong way and claim to be a trader of good finds. They certainly have a lovely range of products on sale. A great present stop for everyone. They source products that are ethical ,sustainable and local. Most things on sale are from Sydney designers made locally or produce using fair trade makers. They had some great kids products and upcycled note books and accessories. The website is not running yet but soon so watch this space

The store is just next door the gorgeous Bird textile flagship store. I always wanted to pop in but was always whizzing by in the car. I am glad I popped in . Another great store to find presents.

You can also buy their lovely goodies on line here.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kia Ora

Kia Ora (be well/be healthy) for 2010.

Happy New Year !! I am back from a great trip in NZ and saw the most amazing landscape on the South Island.

I literally felt like I was at the end of the earth. Knowing the next stop was Antarctica I didn’t see any penguins but I did see some Sea lions hiding in the rocks which was pretty awesome.

Christmas was very exciting as I experienced my first Maori Hangi and Felix enjoyed playing with his cousins and met Mr and Mrs Santa.

We manage to pack in a crazy week of driving around the South Island made as far as Queenstown.

Even that far south of the globe I manage to scout a few lovely stores. Decode which is located Cnr Shotover & Athol Sts,Queenstown is a store selling all contemporary New Zealand designers and a mixture of fashion and homes ware. I fell in love with some shoes made of recycled tapestry fabric. They don’t have a website yet but they should they have as they sell lovely things a mini Collette of NZ. Another store I loved was Andrea Moore not really for my life style now but I loved the way everything was put together in the store and the colours especially red. I have recently become a fan of red which is very different for me I usually love cool tone colours like turquoise.

We spent some time in Wellington and mange to find some great boutiques one that really caught my eye was “Swonderful “ they have a great blog so you can have an idea what the store is all about

Another great place we had fun was at The New Dowse they some great exhibitions and I was glad to see Craft camp still going strong we saw their products on sale in 2003 in the Dowse store. You can check out their blog here

Basically Craftcamp is a collective of crafters that package everything in small plastic bags it is all low tech but affordable handmade goodies it like instant Esty to go. You can spend hours on which thing you want to buy they are all fun.

Finally my last find in NZ a lovely magazine called world sweet world it is going on my favourite magazine list this year visit their website here and blog here

There is so much more to mention the beautiful scenery of Mount Cook, the Glaciers and the west coast beaches but the post has grown quite long but basically I loved my holiday in NZ.

A great start to a new decade..