Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rainy day where shall we go and play

Rain Rain and more rain has been the story here in Sydney this weekend and we where suffering cabin fever today and decided to go to the Art Gallery of NSW. We had a great family day out. Here is an interesting installation we found today. Created by artist Tatzu Nishi's as part of the Kaldor Public Art Project which is celebrating it's fortieth year. At the entrance of the gallery you will find two temporary buildings and as you enter the first building and you will be greeted by a living room interior. We felt like we where at an inspection for a rental and should leave our details. Taking a closer look and something is not quite right open the cupboard and you find a piece of statue. The the other building you are greeted by a huge horse sculpture standing on a bed. It was amazing to look up close at these sculptures and felt quite dream like. Raining all day we certainly found something fun to see and do today.

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