Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy to see the sun today

Images all copyright of Susse Pty ltd 2010
Rocket and I were so happy to see the sunshine today. It has been raining so hard of late and we are both so over collage and play dough and baking looks like another sunny day tomorrow YEAH!!
Here are some happy Susse designs I am working on just now inspired by all this rain.
I thought it might cheer you up.
: )

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainy Days

Images above Copyright of SussePtyLtd Anyone living in Sydney with a toddler at home is going crazy at the moment as we are experiencing a lot of Rain which is a positive thing for Sydney as we need it the rain and have been so lucky experiencing warm golden Autumn days. So we have been spoilt . I thought I would share a top tip for a rainy day with toddlers So last week I packed little Rocket into the car and drove through the very large puddles aqua planing through China town to the Powerhouse Museum.
The Power house has lots of fun things for parents and toddlers. Rocket was free and my admission ticket was $10 well spent and you can have your parking validated at the museum if you park in the entertainment quarter car park. The ground floor has a magical garden and a teddy bears playing instruments and the cafe is very kid friendly . We checked out the Frock stars exhibition as Australian Rosemount Fashion week celebrates 15 years this year. It has an interesting insight in the event. In particularly enjoyed the commentary of the graphic designer and his process for designing the graphics for fashion week.
I thought it was extra cute the little catwalk for paper dolls you can sit down try your hand at your own creations.
If fashion not your thing Rocket enjoyed the space section shouting Gar and noon and running around crazy from each exhibit.
There is also a trip down memory lane and revisit the 80's exhibition which we did a couple of months ago.
Anyway bored on a rainy day then try the Powerhouse museum your bound to come away happy and totally forget the rain outside.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Maeve Magazine

Issue on of Maeve magazine has arrived this month. A lovely on-line magazine with some really nice photography and very interesting articles and from one of my favorite places in NZ .

Cute Garffiti

You don't often see cute graffiti I spotted this on the way back from Finders keepers market.
I thought I would share it with you.

A Perfect Saturday

Images copyright of Angus and Celeste Images copyright of Angus and Celeste
My dodgy photos
I had the perfect Saturday this weekend it started early at 6 am as perusal as Rocket has discovered how to break free from his cot and knocks on his bedroom door to let us know hey I am up and I know you guys are awake. The early start was OK as we decided to get out house and head off to the Finders keepers market parking is a night mare and with our huge pram and possible three bus ride there we deiced to take the wheels. We had some gorgeous coffee at the organic market and eat a hearty breakie and then checked out the market on this crisp sunny Sydney autumn day.
There where so many things I liked and I was in luck as it was mothers day the next day and Jarrod suggested I could chose something ha ha I thought. It was tough choice but I really fell in love with the work of Angus and Celeste pictured above and you can purchase their lovely bone china creations at their website. I thought their designs really stood out from the crowd. I tried to take picture of the stall owners but they where a bit shy and I am shy too so I just took some pictures of their work.
I ended up with lovely heart shaped necklace with a antquie floral pattern and they wrapped everything up so nicely too.
Our day continued with a play for Rocket in the local Newtown park and then he fell asleep in the car and we head off to Cential park and let him sleep as we booth Sat in the sun for half an hour.
Don;t worry we had the window open and where only 1 m away form the car.
Jarrod and I enjoyed our alone time. He has been away for a couple of months so we enjoyed just having the perfect Saturday.