Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving Patchwork

Image from Decor8 Blog
Last week I was into Lilly but this week I am totally into patch work. I have been zipping around some of my favorite blogs of late I think the patchwork trend is coming up strong. Here are some inspirational images I found and share with you. Firstly a blog I visit all the time is Decor8
Holly has these great images of the artist Thomas Campbell's work and has some interesting links to his work.
My second is from a blog called Bits and Bobbins. I have followed for a few years . I love the use of colour in Tricia Royals photography. I especially appreciate how she balances her creative life with motherhood. Having a two year old my self I totally understand what she is talking about. Check out her Flickr and her different talents that she has.
Image from the Bits and Bobbins Blog
Images the from the Beci Orpin Website
Finally the awesome work of Beci Orpin a very talented designer from Australia. I really love her work. Totally respect how she also balances her busy creative work life and raising two kids at the same time. She works with a broad spectrum of design. Check out her lovely website and blog. the image above is for a lovely cosmetic brand Kit in Australia it really introduced me to her design work. I thought it was time Northern hemisphere readers should discover her work.
I am stepping away from the computer. Off now to have some fun with the iron switched on sewing machine warming up and keeping warm and dry tonight work on some patching ideas.
Might share them next week with you : ).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Imagine Children's Festival

Hey so we just had a great Sunday out at the Imagine Children's Festival at the South bank Center. The festival runs until the 27th of February. I loved the brochure illustrations by Spencer Wilson . Imagine Festival celebrates art made for and by children.
Here are some photos I took today of the My Life illuminated exhibition made by 324 children.
More details here about the exhibition.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Valentines for you

Love Cats
Lady Love
Happy Valentines for you. Here are a couple of E-cards I made for you to send and wish somebody special in your life a happy valentines. I think it's nice to even send a message to a friend or relative that means a lot to you. So why not say hi and Happy Valentines day everyone likes to get one I am sure.
Visit my facebook page to down load and send and spread the love : )

Loving Lilly

My Lilly inspired Flower Pop Lady
Images from
I am really feeling inspired by all the colour that's going on in the design world just now. I discovered this article over at Lonny Magazine a new on-line magazine I am enjoying just now.
It was about American design Lilly Pulitzer. I am finding her simple shift dresses and bright colourful textile patterns inspiring this week. There is currently an exhibition at the museum of lifestyle and fashion history in the USA. I am guessing there will be a book about her work sometime in the future.
Here is a little film about her if your interested.
Just a burst of sunshine to keep you going until spring.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese new year. In honour of the year of the Rabbit I thought I would show you a little bunny I have made for a new baby who has just come into the world. I was going to post the pattern and instructions up but that requires a bit of thought so maybe over the weekend I will try and work it out if you want to have a go. Keep you busy on a February winters night with some sewing fun : ).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kids fun London - Guest blogger

It's February already hooray survived January. Remember this is my second winter in a row so as you can imagine when spring hits town I am going to be very happy. My key trick to surviving February is keep yourself busy so you totally forget the cold gloomy greyness out side.
My goal everyday is to keep my 2 and half year old son Rocket warm and amused. I have an excellent excuse to go and explore the city and find lots of great indoor things to do.
I was delighted to discover the Kids fun London website. The site is quite new and was put together by a real Dad of three kids who thought London parents needed a site that offered tips on kid friendly and affordable things to do in the city. Which is great as I have been relying on detective work and word of mouth from other parents. I started following the site on twitter.
It was a nice surprise to be asked to write a guest blog post for the website about my five favorite places I like to take Rocket. If you have any top places to share with Kids fun London why not let them know.
So remember feeling the February blues keep busy busy in February it will soon be over .