Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving Patchwork

Image from Decor8 Blog
Last week I was into Lilly but this week I am totally into patch work. I have been zipping around some of my favorite blogs of late I think the patchwork trend is coming up strong. Here are some inspirational images I found and share with you. Firstly a blog I visit all the time is Decor8
Holly has these great images of the artist Thomas Campbell's work and has some interesting links to his work.
My second is from a blog called Bits and Bobbins. I have followed for a few years . I love the use of colour in Tricia Royals photography. I especially appreciate how she balances her creative life with motherhood. Having a two year old my self I totally understand what she is talking about. Check out her Flickr and her different talents that she has.
Image from the Bits and Bobbins Blog
Images the from the Beci Orpin Website
Finally the awesome work of Beci Orpin a very talented designer from Australia. I really love her work. Totally respect how she also balances her busy creative work life and raising two kids at the same time. She works with a broad spectrum of design. Check out her lovely website and blog. the image above is for a lovely cosmetic brand Kit in Australia it really introduced me to her design work. I thought it was time Northern hemisphere readers should discover her work.
I am stepping away from the computer. Off now to have some fun with the iron switched on sewing machine warming up and keeping warm and dry tonight work on some patching ideas.
Might share them next week with you : ).

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