Friday, May 20, 2011

Pop up beach

London has had a good run of sunny weather and even better there is a pop up beach on the Thames just now. Which is handy as when I ask Rocket what he wants to do today he says beach. Wonders why we can't just hop in the car and go to the beach but thanks to the South bank center and the festival of Britain celebrations there is an Urban beach. Colour makes my heart sing so as you can imagine I was very inspired by everything around. We have visited the beach a couple of times and I am guessing we will visiting more this summer.
I can recommend this as a great family day out they even have sand and deck chairs. I will try and get photos another day Rocket was highly distracted by the skate boarders and tried to join in. Our fault for letting him watch the skaters on Bondi beach..

Before and after party

Hey Susse what have you been up too? I hear you say. Yep I have been very lazy with my on line life. Maybe because my real life has been hectic various visitors coming and going in the Linton household ,London things (distractions) goings on ,new projects and Mr Rocket turning three. Emm my excuses anyway.
The Royal wedding seems a age ago but we had fun that day at an old fashioned street party on Wilton way . We realized the neighborhood has changed so much in the last five years. I found the whole experience fascinating and great people watching. I was quite inspired and a few faces have wound up in my Susse Facebook I little self project I am working on just now.
Here are my photos before the big bash down at Buckingham palace and after partying on down in the neighborhood. I am not a great photographer ( prefer drawing). Visit Style bubble one of my new favorite UK blogs I have enjoyed lately. The images on this blog really captures the mood of the day. There are some great posts from Sydney Australian fashion week too (old memories).
Before party
After party