Monday, August 29, 2011

Happiest Mom

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 My other obsession is Kindle I was totally against the  idea of digital books and magazines.
Mm well I have changed my ideas and now addicted. Maybe it's all that moving around the globe with your belongings it makes sense to go digital and not clutter up space. The Happiest Mom  by Meagan Francis was my first purchase for Kindle (which I read on my beloved phone) Not that I was a Happy Mom before but I have to say this book has made me a happier mom and hopefully a better parent. I was sucker for the gorgeous illustrations which where created by Bee Things check out their blog. I am now a regular follower of the Happiest Mom Blog.I love the sense of humour and honesty in the book and blog. I recommend for newbie moms and veterans. As the old saying goes Happy Mommy Happy Kids .

Have a sneak peak of the book here.

Crafty Heaven Mollie Makes

I have found a great new publication which is starting to become an addiction.Mollie Makes Magazine.
I am also addicted to Zinio which you can get digital back copies of the magazine you can get paper version too and often a take a sneak peak on my phone during a quiet Mom time ( Which doesn't happen that often!!)    I think this video is cute and dream of a sewing life again :  )