Friday, November 18, 2011

Stitch in Time

I was in a bit of a funk the other day. You know one of those days you wake-up and think I am going to work really hard and have a great creative day. Mmm... Then you sit at your desk with creative block and keep trying. You know those kind of days. I find the best thing is grab your coat and get out for a walk. I needed to get some veggies so off I trundled off to the local shops.

I popped into a lovely new store Ray Stitch that opened up a few months ago. If you love sewing and crafting this is the place for you.  It's the place you can sit and have a coffee and cake and brows through the books and magazines on sale and soak up the atmosphere in the store. If fact when I was there was a group of bloggers chatting away drinking coffee and throughly enjoying the store.

There is a great selection of printed fabrics and including Cloud 9 and the new Lotta Jansdotter fabric range.
Downstairs there is a lovely room where people can take workshops.
I ended up buying some supplies for Christmas presents and skipped back home feeling totally inspired and ready to create again.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas fun for everyone

Christmas is coming soon and I am determined to be organised this year . I think everyone should  enjoy some  luxury at this time of year. The Christmas season should be a time of comfort and fun.
You probably have your traditions and your favourite aspects of the season, and these are the sorts of things that bring smiles to you and your family and friends for a couple of weeks every year. However, it is also important to keep your Christmas celebrations or Holiday traditions from becoming boring. This isn’t to say that you can’t hold the same traditions each year – but it can help to add some fun to your celebrations by incorporating new ideas into Christmas, so as to liven things up.

One great idea is to establish a new holiday ritual, which is frequently practiced throughout the UK, is to look into gifts like the Christmas hampers offered at stores like  Marks & Spencers For those who are not familiar with such things, a Christmas hamper is essentially a holiday gift basket full of lovely goodies that includes a number of small gifts or features within a certain category. For example, you may find a Christmas hamper that includes a number of different cheeses, along with some breads or crackers; or, you might find one that contains several different bottles of nice wine. There is plenty of variety when it comes to different types of goodies on offer. But what makes giving a hamper great fun is the time it saves and adding a little luxury to someones Christmas.

Shopping for gifts for every individual on your shopping list can be a headache and can take some of the fun out of the holiday season. With Christmas hampers, however, all you’ll need to do is browse through selections online, pick out something everyone can enjoy, and have it sent directly to the recipient. Additionally, you can use these gifts to provide a sort of “package gift” to an entire family or group, if this is something that you would like to do. So, essentially, you are saved the hassle of shopping in more ways than one.

Christmas hampers can also represent fun family traditions. There are plenty of families who exchange these baskets every year, perhaps at the outset of the holiday season, so that everyone can enjoy their goodies during the weeks surrounding Christmas. In fact, you don’t even necessarily have to think of Christmas hampers as “gifts” – you can also simply order a few different baskets to your home for your own family and friends to enjoy during the holidays. You can have some fun, as you can try new things fairly easily every year. It’s definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for a fun new tradition to add to your holiday season.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Johnathan Alder London Store

I was still on holiday mode yesterday. I mange to meet a friend who told me the Jonathan Alder store
had opened in London.  We finally went to see it yesterday. We are both fans of his ceramics. I loved his book prescription for anti depressive living I wrote about it awhile ago on my blog.
The verdict is we loved the store. In fact we felt so at home sitting on the sofa reading some books that we almost felt someone was just going to bring us a cup of tea and sit down for a chat. There was the most wonderful scent of orange from one of the candles in the shop you instantly felt happy the minute you walked into the door. The shop is so well organised into sets you feel your in walking around a live magazine.
It was perfect prescription for a grey winters day in London.  Well worth a visit if you love Jonanthan style.

Vintage finds in Paris

Paris finds vintage luggage tag

Paris finds vintage luggage sticker

Vintage Mickey

Hello I am back from Paris. I was a Mum on the run and had a mum freedom pass for the weekend. It was so nice to go with out having to attend a trade show and just enjoy Paris. I had a great time with my friend  from New York who is now living London I was trying to be a good guide around the city. I haven't been to Paris since I left to go to live in Sydney so it's been a while but some of my favourite places and things to do where still there. 

On Sunday morning a perfect Autumn morning we found this great antiques market and if your where an interior stylist you would find this place amazing. I really could have spent hours just photographing each stall as they were so well presented. I wasn't sure of the protocal so I sneak one picture of this cute Mickey mouse.  I think the fair is an annual event held on the river bank near Bastille Opera house.
I found these beautiful vintage luggage tags I want to frame them as I plan to create a travel theme on one of our walls at home. This stall was a treasure trove of all things printed magazines, postcards, tickets you name it is was there.  I bought them from Joel Garcia Organistation.

The show was Antiquites-Brocante a great little find.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh La La off to Paris

Ok I am totally excited!! this afternoon. Sketchbook packed and camera ready off to Paris for the weekend.
I promise to tell you my fun discoveries in Paris next week.