Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Johnathan Alder London Store

I was still on holiday mode yesterday. I mange to meet a friend who told me the Jonathan Alder store
had opened in London.  We finally went to see it yesterday. We are both fans of his ceramics. I loved his book prescription for anti depressive living I wrote about it awhile ago on my blog.
The verdict is we loved the store. In fact we felt so at home sitting on the sofa reading some books that we almost felt someone was just going to bring us a cup of tea and sit down for a chat. There was the most wonderful scent of orange from one of the candles in the shop you instantly felt happy the minute you walked into the door. The shop is so well organised into sets you feel your in walking around a live magazine.
It was perfect prescription for a grey winters day in London.  Well worth a visit if you love Jonanthan style. http://uk.jonathanadler.com/

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