Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Susse 5 things Store now open

Is now open !!!

 Susse Collection 5 things store.  is now open.
Every month we will show you a new series of limited edition fun products to enjoy.
This month we bring you five things of love, four limited edition prints and one set of postcards. After all February is the month of Love.
Plenty to choose from to send to your loved one.

 Love Cats digital  print sold unframed 

      Love at first sight  print sold unframed 

      Love is in the air digital  print sold unframed 

      Love Birds digital  print sold unframed 

Love Cards post card set 

All images copyright of Susse Ltd 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Add fun to your year

Here is the next Susse calendar page for you to download and add some fun to your year. It's the month of love and an extra day as it's a leap year. It means where getting closer to spring yeah!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

From my desk this week

All images copyright Susse Ltd 2012

Here is another snap shot of my desk this week and things happening here at Susse Collection.

Look what just landed on my desk I am very excited to receive my new postcards from Moo cards. I love their quality and fast service.

Inspiring Illustrator Ed Emberly


I hadn't heard about the work of Ed Emberly before but Jarrod forward this link from Boing Boing.
I have found it really inspiring . The video is quite long but worth watching especially if you love illustration. I love his fun ideas for educating kids how to draw and his special alphabet of drawing.

I think I might get Rocket some of his books he is starting draw little happy faces now so it's very exciting to see him start to draw things now.

Ed Emberly's website has some fun activities for kids to.

Enjoy and be inspired : )


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year You - Be good to yourself

Here is my second New Year You card for you to share amongst friends. Be good to yourself. A strong reminder through out the year to take time out and be good to yourself. Especially all you mums and dads out there charging around looking after your families and working hard and even if your not caring for someone . It's really important to take time time out and recharge don't you think? Find those little treats or little health supplements that make your day that special. Personally I love beauty products taking a nice hot bubbly bath at the end of the day.It is my little treat to myself.

Here is a little helper for those of you living in the US over at Frugal Dad you can find some coupons for health and beauty supplies at Wallgreens. So go and be good to yourself.

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year You - Save for a rainy day

Here is the first of my series of new year resolution cards for you to print, send to a friend or put it on your wall and even save for you desktop. I have started to put some of them up on the studio wall as reminder through out the year.
This one we all probably need to do even if it's that lose change at the bottom of your bag. Or using coupons to save a penny here or there with the weekly grocery shop. Save for a rainy day.
Here some handy money saving tips from the  Frugal Dad.  about coupons for online savings for groceries. You should find some interesting ways to save some money for a rainy day.
How do you plan to save for a rainy day?
Watch this space for some more New Year You cards for you to choose next week.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

From my desk this week

Feeling fresh and Vogue springy today love all these sweet colours.
Colourful view from my desk today..
Are you looking forward to spring?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Improving my sewing techniques

Images taken from http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/colette-sewing-handbook

Here I am tackling my new year resolution improving my sewing skills. Here is a book I bought during the Christmas break  I love this book. I am looking forward to working through the projects. The book has really clear instructions hopefully this time I will get the fit right this time. I have made quite a few clothes but the finish and fit have been hard to master.  The book helps you with planning your projects .I tend to get over excited and just dive in there and sometimes it all ends up in tears.

There is a great blog with hints and tips. I  will check in once I have tried a few of the projects.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Things I have made

  All images copyright of Susse Ltd

Keeping the blog resolutions going.Here is a crafty project to share and try out .
I bought these ceramic paints and pens ages ago and I had an excuse to use them before Christmas.
I made these Christmas gifts.
If you are not so good at drawing there is an excellent project over at Lotta Jansdotter  lovely website.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My desk this week

In effort to keep more regular posts I will let you know whats happing from my desk each week.
One of goals this year is to get my website www.susse.co.uk up running. You might notice I have been making slow changes to my blog over the past few weeks.
Jarrod snuck up behind me and took these photos of me  before the Christmas holidays working on my website ideas.

Technically not this week here is a start ... until next week..

Anything you would like to see on the Susse site?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year You

Hello I am back. How are you? How was your New Year celebrations? Are you ready to tackle a new year and move on to better things.

My little man is back at school this week and  I am ready to get back to work. I guess I am late in the blog world to be talking about new year resolutions. I have had time to think and mull things over The past few weeks while on a full time Mum duty in the holidays.
Here are some new things for me in 2012. I want to share with you.

Maybe I will inspire you who knows?

New things for the Susse Blog

Being more regular and bringing you more exciting fun content.

I will start adding some more personal content without it being uninteresting 

More behind the scenes at Susse Collection. What I am doing all day?
What is going on in the studio?

More free Susse things for you Yah!!

Sharing Susse crafty projects

My business resolutions.

Things I want try out this year. I will try to complete.

Website completed

My on-line store back up Yah!!

New product development.

Self publish some books and Zines to add fun to your day.

Portfolio development

Finding notable clients to work on actual projects (paid work !!) 

On a personal note. Resolutions  for me.

Developing my writing skills. Which are pretty awful just now as I do have a slight dyslexia problem you may have noticed some of my corker typos and grammatical mistakes. Blogging has really helped me one of the reasons I started my blog.

Improve my photographic skills.

Learn to ride a bike!! I know your saying what?? I can drive but" two wheels" I never quite mastered them. I have discovered some classes for adults so I can't be the only adult in London who can't ride a bikeBoris bikes here I come!!.

Developing my sewing skills might even take up knitting again haven't knitted since I was 15 trying to knit baggy bat wing jumpers Giving my age away now.

Gardening. I would like to know more as I have mange to keep one house plant alive for more than a year my confidence has sored.

Being in the Now. Don't dwell on the past don't worry about the future. Be present in the now to take the next steps forward.

Reading more physical books and less time just reading random things on-line. I don't fall asleep before 9 pm anymore so I think I will have time now.

Stepping away from the computer. Real life is better than virtual don't you think?

Phew well that's it for now. I feel a bit strange sharing this stuff with you but if I write this down it will help me commit to some of these changes.

How about you? What are your plans? 

What would you like to see on the Susse Blog?