Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From my desk this week

Hello from my desk this week. The fluarma saga continues in our house lots of washing and mopping up in the house the past few days. Lets not get into details.  London is so beautiful just now blue sunny skys everyone shedding their winter black and the windows rolled down and happy music pumping out of cars  windows. There is definitely a spring vibe now.

As you can see. I have been bringing out the sewing box this week and working on some sewing ideas. It feels a very long time since I dusted down the sewing machine and got down too some hand sewing. It's great !! I am so excited to start some of my sewing patterns I bought at Christmas and I have some nice ideas for some summer dress.  Oh a great excuse to go fabric shopping now : ).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Add fun to your year

 Here is the next Susse calendar page for you to download and add some fun to your year.
Spring is finally here and some April showers too hopefully not too many showers this month.     

Thursday, March 22, 2012

From my desk this week

Hello from my desk this week. Well Mr Lurgy still hanging on. I think I have mange to go through several boxes of tissues and barked more than your average dog and putting my PJ's on at 8pm having some early nights. Like the spring sunshine this week  I think this lurgy cold is finally shifting today hooray!! End of my super winge : ).

I have spend a lot of time on my computer this week tinkering with a trail web platform which is really easy to use. Finally the new Susse website is on it's way so lots of pulling content together and planning going on this week. Which I am really enjoying doing and giving me a clearer picture on how to shape up business direction. Hopefully before the Easter school holidays I will have all my content ready  to go when I pack Rocket back to school and get my new site live. I  am committed to this now I have written it down. No more procrastination.

Monday, March 19, 2012

V & A Family fun

We had a great time yesterday at the V & A museum. Rocket tried a drop in design workshop at the Sackler center in the museum.

We started with hunting out some inspiration. Samurai masks in the Japan section of the museum.

 Then sketching out ideas.

The fun part back to the studio and found lots of great materials to make a Samurai mask.

Finally Rocket the Samurai warrior.

Although Rocket is nearly four he really enjoyed the whole process and we gave him lots of help. It was a free event. Not bad for some Sunday Family fun. The museum run more events during the school holidays and Saturday and Sundays.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the Mamas. I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday with your wee ones.
Rocket drew me a Happy Man. It was quite exciting as it is the first time I have seen
him draw a person.  A special Mother's day moment.

Oh I know the windows need a  good spring clean : ( .

Friday, March 16, 2012

From my desk this week

Hello not much work happen this week. Mother nature threw us a curve ball and the whole family was struck down with flue type lurgy bug. I spent yesterday all day in bed something I haven't done Pre Rocket days. Usually us Mums ignored being sick and soldier on but this bug wiped me out completely. Thank  you Jarrod for doing the school run the past few days.
I am on the mend today. Jarrod and I had a little walk around the neighbourhood. I discovered this lovely little store Here today here tomorrow around the corner full of lovely handmade goodies. I bought a new oyster card pass my plastic regulation was falling apart this one is so pretty.

Find out more about Here today here tomorrow I definitely  think it will be staying tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Susse Shop five things for spring

Put your bunny ears on spring is just around the corner and here at Susse Collection we have some lovely things to get you in the mood in yummy spring colours. Two prints and two make up pouches  and card set ideal for those unexpected birthdays, mother's day and to say and Easter hello.

 Little make-up pouch

 Little make-up pouch

Green Bunny Girl digital  print sold unframed

Blue Bunny Girl digital  print sold unframed.

Part of 5 greeting card box set

Part of 5 greeting card box set

Fun fashion for little people


I managed to venture away form my desk last week doing some run around errands around central London. I managed to check out the new super cute Little Liberty section at one of my favourite stores Liberty. The designer children's wear market just seems to be expanding now so the timing seems right for this retail experience.As you enter this section of the store you get lost in a wonderland of tiny fashion for the little people.  There is a good selection for boys and girls although I don't think Rocket will be sporting any of these lovely clothes as he is super tough on his clothes. I think theses clothes are for Sunday best. Even if you don't have children you will have fun visiting this cute mini land of fashion. I took some snaps of the window display they don't do them justice as I was just with my phone camera.

If you don't live in London you can check out the stores blog.

From my desk last week

Oops!! no posting last week. It was a busy one. Last week I was working on one of my new year resolutions improving my photographic skills. Big thanks to my  husband Jarrod who very kindly lent me his fancy camera and should me some tricks of the trade.
I really enjoyed putting bunny girl  through her paces on her photo shoot she was a good model. I haven't really handle a proper camera since art college back in ye old days of printing your photos by hand in the darkroom and I really enjoyed working with a proper camera again. I might brave the outdoors and take some local neighbour hood photos.

See my results at the Susse shop. I still have to get my lighting a bit better but on the whole not to bad.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fast fun craft Octonauts costume

Happy Rocket Octonaut ready for school.

                                         It's a bit of a fuzzy pic sorry. But you get the idea.

Here is a quick fast crafty costume project for 3  1/2 year old Octonaut fans.
This week has been about world book day at Rocket's school. Today he had to dress up as his favourite book character today. I had an old white t-shirt and some felt and came up with this  quick costume.

I found a great link for printing the logos onto some t-shirt jet print paper the kind you can transfer onto
fabric with an iron.

To make this you need.


one white t-shirt
one sheet of transfer paper
one piece of blue craft felt about 30 cms square.
Pritt stick
White thread.

Card to make a hat shape pattern.
white cotton fabric to iron logo for hat.
Sewing machine

To make the t-shirt print out logo on transfer paper and iron onto the t-shirt.
This takes about 2 minutes

To make hat cut out a hat template with some card .
Cut out two pieces of felt for hat shape.
One long strip about 3 cm wide of felt to attach to the hat and adjust to your child's head.
iron logo onto some white cotton fabric.

Stick the strip of felt in between to felt hat shapes and stick the logo on the front and then
stick the two hat shapes on top of one another with Pritt stick glue and then zip around the edge of the hat with the sewing machine.

This takes  about 10 minute to make this.
Ta da a quick crafty costume.

From my desk this week

Another week has flown by. Things are getting very colourful and spring like here at the studio. Here is a sneak peak of some new products for the Susse shop. Bunny girl is back this spring so look forward to next week when you can find five things for spring at the Susse shop.