Friday, March 2, 2012

Fast fun craft Octonauts costume

Happy Rocket Octonaut ready for school.

                                         It's a bit of a fuzzy pic sorry. But you get the idea.

Here is a quick fast crafty costume project for 3  1/2 year old Octonaut fans.
This week has been about world book day at Rocket's school. Today he had to dress up as his favourite book character today. I had an old white t-shirt and some felt and came up with this  quick costume.

I found a great link for printing the logos onto some t-shirt jet print paper the kind you can transfer onto
fabric with an iron.

To make this you need.


one white t-shirt
one sheet of transfer paper
one piece of blue craft felt about 30 cms square.
Pritt stick
White thread.

Card to make a hat shape pattern.
white cotton fabric to iron logo for hat.
Sewing machine

To make the t-shirt print out logo on transfer paper and iron onto the t-shirt.
This takes about 2 minutes

To make hat cut out a hat template with some card .
Cut out two pieces of felt for hat shape.
One long strip about 3 cm wide of felt to attach to the hat and adjust to your child's head.
iron logo onto some white cotton fabric.

Stick the strip of felt in between to felt hat shapes and stick the logo on the front and then
stick the two hat shapes on top of one another with Pritt stick glue and then zip around the edge of the hat with the sewing machine.

This takes  about 10 minute to make this.
Ta da a quick crafty costume.


Byron Mitchell said...

Great!!!! I have been thinking for a week how I would make an octonauts hat for an 'under the sea' party. All paper versions have been given the thumbs down by my 5 year olds....but this is perfect, and looks easy!

thank you Nicole

Susse Collection said...

Thank you Nicole glad you liked the post. My son is still playing with his hat now so I think you will get some mileage with this costume. : )