Thursday, April 26, 2012

From my desk this week

Look at these colourful paper goodies I have here on my desk today. My friend invited me to a lunchtime talk and it is always great to get away from your desk now and again.
The talks  Beauty in the making where organised by It's nice that their blog is worth a read. There was also and exhibition attached to the venue there where lots of old school demos I had a go at printing with a letter press watched paper being made and looked as some hand drawn fonts which where lovely to look at.

Goodies bag curtsy of the GF smith paper company Downey printing and Monotype.
A lovely hand screen printed tote bag colourful paper note book I can't wait to collage in and lovely hand made envelopes. The colours and texture of the papers are so inspiring.
Oh the talks where pretty good to : ).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Add fun to your year

It's nearly May already. April whizzed by did it for you too? May a month of growth and leaves start popping out and flowers start to bloom. Metaphorically there will be some more growth for Susse Collection this month too. Enjoy the new Calendar page for you to download and add fun to your year. How about you any plans for growth this month?

Dream Gardening

Hello I have been busy working on my website this week my head whirling around with web terminology and getting lost in the code. As a diversion  I have been thinking about one of my new year resolutions I wrote about at the beginning of the year. Dreaming about gardening. I did take a trip to the local garden center. But for me it was like landing on planet mars.

I do want to turn our front weed patch into a lovely garden to enjoy in the summer months.  Grow some herbs and veggies. I found some inspiration this weekend at The St Georges day celebrations at Trafalgar Square.

I visited the Capital growth green house. they showed you don't need any fancy equipment to get started.
They have some really handy tips and events about gardening.

I like these recycled plastic tubs. There was also some displays of flowers that I thought where fun.
I think I will give the flower arranging a miss though and just enjoy other peoples results like this floral tea party.

I made this other great discovery and resource about an article I was reading about today. The Balcony Gardener I love the blog and shop with some fun ideas for kids too. The author Isabelle Palmer has written a book which will be on my wish list now. This website shows you that even with the tiny  indoor or out door space a limited budget you can get growing. I guess my dream garden will be a reality sooner than I think.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Time machine

Here is a funny picture I wanted to share with you. While I was visiting the folks in Scotland we where looking through some old photographs. Here I am I think 8 or 9 years old feeling at home at my Dad's cousins desk in Denmark happily drawing away. I  still  find myself today at my desk happily drawing away. Do you often go back into your time machine look at old photos and remember the things you did as a kid? It's fun to do now and again.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

From my desk this week

Here's a sneaky peak from my desk this week. I am working on more website ideas it all starting to come together. I was experimenting with some freehand embroidery something I haven't manage to do for a long time. In fact I was staring at my sewing machine remembering how to set up.  As you can see I haven't forgotten and I am having a great week just working with my hands and letting little happy accidents happen again. On the whole a very creative week.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Book illustrations Train Journey.

This charming book is about steam trains. This one I think is my favourite . The illustrations look like they will just come alive and remind me of old Disney animation. I hope your feeling just as inspired as I am looking at these images.

Vintage Book illustrations Learning to cross the road.

Here is post two another charming book about teaching children about crossing the road. It's a big thing here in our house at the moment especially in London wee people need to be aware of what's happening on the street. I love the imagination in the illustrations.

Vintage Book Illustrations Denmark

Hello I am finally back from chasing Easter Bunnies in Scotland. Rocket was whizzed back to school on Dad's bike  this morning and I guess like most parents today. Jarrod and I are  just having a quiet moment. I am drinking tea and enjoying being back at my computer sifting through some photos I took while visiting the folks up in Orkney.

Today lots of vintage eye candy for you. If you love children's book illustration I think you will appreciate these images of  my Dad's old child hood books from Denmark he  found in my Grand mother's house.
The first is Denmark a lovely land and charming illustration by Laus Laursen.  Photos aren't great as I took them with my mobile phone but you can still see the charm of the illustrations. I love the combination of photography and hand drawn images.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Easter

An early Happy Easter I am off to chase some Scottish Easter bunnies  in the next few days.
The Susse store will be closed and open again next week. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend  with family and friends and the Easter bunny brings you lots of lovely chocolate eggs to eat.

See you next week.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring has sprung

I hope you had a lovely weekend. although the tempeture has dropped here the weather has still been nice in London. Look at these amazing ceramic flowers made by Chilean artist Fernando Casasempere out side Somerset House. His installation Out of Sync is a celebartion of the end of winter and the beginning of spring.