Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dream Gardening

Hello I have been busy working on my website this week my head whirling around with web terminology and getting lost in the code. As a diversion  I have been thinking about one of my new year resolutions I wrote about at the beginning of the year. Dreaming about gardening. I did take a trip to the local garden center. But for me it was like landing on planet mars.

I do want to turn our front weed patch into a lovely garden to enjoy in the summer months.  Grow some herbs and veggies. I found some inspiration this weekend at The St Georges day celebrations at Trafalgar Square.

I visited the Capital growth green house. they showed you don't need any fancy equipment to get started.
They have some really handy tips and events about gardening.

I like these recycled plastic tubs. There was also some displays of flowers that I thought where fun.
I think I will give the flower arranging a miss though and just enjoy other peoples results like this floral tea party.

I made this other great discovery and resource about an article I was reading about today. The Balcony Gardener I love the blog and shop with some fun ideas for kids too. The author Isabelle Palmer has written a book which will be on my wish list now. This website shows you that even with the tiny  indoor or out door space a limited budget you can get growing. I guess my dream garden will be a reality sooner than I think.

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